Artist:  Bassinvaders
   Title: Hellbassbeaters
   Label: Frontiers Records

Bassinvaders is the creation of Helloween bass player Marcus Grosskopf, a concept borne while under the influence of too much alcohol me thinks.  

Marcus has managed to gather together a who’s who of 4-string slingers from across the globe.  Billy Sheehan, Rudy Sarzo, Marco Mendoza, Joey Vera, Lee Rocker, Nibbs Carter, Dennis Ward, DD Verni, Stig Pederson, Tobias Exxel, Peter Baltes, Jan S Eckert, Jens Becker and Dirk Schlachter.  Along with Schmier (Destruction), Tom Angelripper (Sodom), Peavy (Rage) providing bass & vocals we have Apollo (Firewind) and Jesper Binzer (D.A.D) on vocals and Andre Hilgers and Stefan Arnold (Grave Digger) on drums. 

Unfortunately this all star cast cannot save this from being unlistenable.  Bass players, along with drummers, provide the backbone within a group but you need the counterpoint of 6 strings to raise songs above the mundane. 

We Live, the first real song on the album is actually very good and lulls you into thinking this album is going to be a revelation.  Unfortunately, the rest of the songs on here take us on a downhill spiral.

'Romance In Black' could be a fantastic song if it included 6 strings.

'Godless Gods', no tune, boring and downright poor.

And so it continues

On and on

And on

And on

The Asshole Song, is indeed amusing

The cover of Helloween’s Eagle Fly Free, a classic song reduced to a laughing stock.

As much as I love Marcus’s work with Helloween, this concept just doesn’t work, too painful for me to listen to further.  If you’re a bass player you’ll love this, so all you 4 stringers should give it a listen.

*Review by Brassy


1 Awakening the bass Machine
2 We Live
3 Armageddon
4 Romance in Black
5 Godless Gods
6 Empty Memories (breaking free)
7 Boiling Blood
8 Far too Late
9 Asshole Song
10 Dead from the eyes Down
11. Razorblade Romance
12 Voices
13 Eagle Fly Free
14 To hell and Back


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