Artist:  Jennifer Batten
   Title: Above Below And Beyond  
   Label: Lion Music

Following Lion Music’s release of Jennifer Batten’s new release ‘Whatever’ Lion Music have re-released Jennifer’s first two album ‘Above Below And Beyond’ and Tribal Rage- Momentum’. These two albums stamped the name of Batten on every guitar lovers lips and ears and showed why she is one if not the most influential female guitar players of the modern era. 

Her debut release ‘Above Below and Beyond’ was hailed by many as pure genius the album took us into the world of Batten and beyond as she mixed the traditional with the more diverse. When the world was into speed and fret burning guitar players, Batten was about to put a fly into the ointment with her electrifying mix of old and new and one on her way to world stardom as this album also set Batten on her way internationally as she was asked to join Michael Jackson’s touring band shortly after the release such was the response from her debut.

The album had some quite superb highlight’s with the likes of ‘ Respect’ one of the few vocal tracks on Batten’s album with Michele Rohl lending her vocal talents as Batten did what she does best and ripped up a storm.

The excellent southern boogie styling of ‘Ya Aint Nothing Like A Fast Car’ its like ZZ Top on acid, and the superb Headbangers Hairspray’ are just a few of my favourite moments from this diverse and groundbreaking album. 


 1. Flight of the Bumble Bee
 2. Ya Aint' Nothin' Like a Fast Car
 3. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
 4. Respect
 5. Cat Fight
 6. Headbanger's Hairspray
 7. Whammy Damage
 8. Secret Lover
 9 .Voo Doo
10. Cruzin the Nile
11. Tar-Zen's Day Off
12. Giant Steps (jazz version)
13. Giant Steps (Rock Version)
14. Mental Graffiti



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