Artist:  Jennifer Batten
   Title: Tribal Rage - Momentum
   Label: Lion Music

Following the success of the first album it wasn’t long before the second release ‘Tribal Rage- Momentum’ again enchanted the guitar players and lovers of the world with Jennifer’s love of world music again playing a much larger part in the album a mixture various traditional instruments from the didgeridoo of the Australian aborigine’s to the drums of Africa and the steel drums of the Caribbean even the bag pipes got and airing on this quite intricate and spellbinding album.

The album may only be seven tracks long but each one is as unique as the other all-intricate works of pure genius from the exotic tones of ‘Elephant Stomp’ and Zulu Wedding to the quite quirky ‘Scottsman In The Caribean’. 

Both albums really made their mark on the guitar world and will again bring the talent of Batten to a much wider audience with their re-release I’m sure.



1. Wodaabe Dancer
2. Elephant Stomp
3.  Zulu Wedding
4.  Scottsman in the Caribean
5.  The Swarm
6. Glow
7. Unplug THIS







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