Artist:  Barbe-Q-Barbies
   Title: All Over You
   Label: Southworld Records

Coming out of Helsinki like a breath of fresh air Barbe-Q-Barbies are an all female band who deliver it raw, dirty and bad to the bone with their ‘All Over You’ opus.

The mix of old school rock with punk attitude is what drives the bands sound, displaying more attitude than a disturbed rattlesnake.

The album opens up with ‘Spell’ and from the off it's hard rocking that doesn’t stop till the final notes of album, closer ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’.

Back to the opener ‘Spell’, from the driving tuned down guitar licks courtesy of Ekkis and Kaisa, to the slung down bass lines of Minttu, the thumping drumming of Niina and the sleazy vocals of Niki, you know these aren’t any girlie pop band, these girls kick-ass and play real rock n' roll.

The album keeps its hard rocking vibe going full pelt with the excellent ‘New Direction’, before a thumping version of The Sweet's ‘Wig-Wam Bam’, which leads us nicely back to more original material from the band, with the lick spewn angsty ‘Twisted Little Sister’.

It's pedal to the metal with the aptly titled ‘Aggression’, a modern punk anthem.  It's hard, it's fast and it's over in 2 minutes 21 seconds, enough said!

That same punky vibe is continued with just a little old school rock thrown in the mix for ‘My Salvation’, before the all-out Hard Rock of the excellent ‘Rockstar’ and the bluesy hard edged ‘Don’t Look At Me’.  Two of my favourites tracks off the album for sure.  Both excellent rockers for two very different reasons.

The band do bring it down a touch on a touch mind you with ‘Dedication For A Friend’, but this is but a short reprise as it's back up to full speed once more for the pounding ‘Escort’, bringing in some more of that female punky angst.

The high octane rock n' roll continues with the title track ‘All Over You’, before album closer ‘Rock N' Roll’, which wraps up a stunning release from the Fins.  With this the Barbie’s have simultaneously created their own style, revitalized a genre and showed that all female bands can deliver the goods and that Helsinki are leading the way.


1. Spell
2. New Direction
3. Wig-Wam Bam
4. Twisted Little Sister
5. Aggression
6. My Salvation
7. Rockstar
8. Don't Look At Me
9. Dedication For A Friend
10. Escort
11. All Over You
12. Rock N' Roll



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