Artist:  Julian Angel's Beautiful Beast
   Title: Adult Orientated Candy
   Label: G.T.O. Entertainment

For those under the age of 22, welcome to the golden era of big hair, spandex, copies amounts of make-up and a good time, and that's just the lads!  Those over the age of 40, just rub that scalp and dry your eyes, the memories will come flooding back.

with the release of 'Adult Orientated Candy', Beautiful Best take you on a quantum leap trip back to when rock music was loud, catchy as hell, and Elnett hairspray made a killing in the market.  In fact you couldn't breathe in the lads toilet for it hanging in the air like a posers fog.  Ooh, the girls were so jealous back then!

Anyway, back to the album ... as soon as 'Showdown' bursts into life with its wild riff, you know exactly where you're heading, it's anthemic chorus typical of such songs from our past.  It takes a few seconds to take in Julian Angel's voice, the mayhem surrounding it pounding your eardrums, but eventually, yes, he's got it!

Next up, 'Do You Want It' is a mix of The Darkness and Steel Panther, all tongue in cheek lyrics and chant-along title that will have you all shouting out in unison, the hips swaying to the funky guitar and bass riffs.

These catchy hooks just keep coming along at a fast pace with the early Bon Jovi-a-like 'Ride with The Wild One', its finger-popping solo spot on, while, hang on, is it me or is that a banjo in the background as Angel leads the song into the chorus??

'Tokyo Nights' is definitely a step back to the 80's, in name more so, though its funny that bands who sand about other foreign city escapades never set foot outside their own country at all, if any.  It's just as well they all had vivid imaginations or such songs as this wouldn't be around now for us to enjoy.

Power-ballad wise, the one that will dig at your memory like a persistent itch is 'Save My Heart'.  You know it reminds you so, hell, what song was it? 

The intro of atmospheric keyboards, picky hook and echoed vocals that all explode into life with a thunderous drumbeat, huge at the time that the band is aiming at.

Returning to the uptempo tracks, 'Juvenile Affair' is the ultimate "big hair", fist in the air anthem that Angel and his band, Frank McDouglas and Ro Lee seem to love so much.

They'd give Poison a good run for their money back in the day, and I'd bet it would bring back a memory or two if C.C. and the boys heard it today.

Angel seems to struggle a little as he screeches out 'Oh Valerie', but you can let that go once you get into 'Rock All Arenas'.  It's hard-nosed attitude brings him into check, this time the backing vocals, or should that be growls, taking any pressure off him.

Now, it doesn't' happen too often, but all you secret air-tambourine players out there are in for a treat!  'Wild Tonight' actually has one making an appearance here and there, so go on, fill yer boots!  Even the acoustic ending can't take away the fact that this is a real rocking affair, tambourine and all.

Beautiful Beast couldn't leave out a song with the mandatory "Whoa, whoa" could they?  Hell no.  'Still I Dream Of You' is overflowing with it, another chance to get the listener joining in , which no doubt they will.  It's stereotypical love song we've all grown-up with, the harmonies whirling around it as Angel sings the heart warming lyrics.

Bringing the album to its close, 'Singer And Guitarist In A Hair Band' sounds as bizarre as the title.  You shouldn't really be surprised though, as really this is what B.B. are all about.  Everything is going on here.  Thundering drumming, fact n' furious vocals, riffs n' solos, you name it  Best way to describe it is "as cluttered as an old lady's mantelpiece"!

If this is what Beautiful Best are offering the world of rock, then welcome it with open arms.  'Adult Orientated Candy' is a fine album, full of fun, over the top anthems that will put a smile on anyone's face.  Check it out, you'll love it. Now c'mon, after three, "Do You Want It, Do You Need It"!!

Review by: Bob Baldwin


1. Showdown
2. Do You Want It
3. Ride With The Wild One
4. Tokyo Nights
5. Juvenile Affair
6. Oh Valerie
7. Save My Heart
8. Rock All Arenas
9. Wild Tonight
10. Still I Dream Of You
11. Singer And Guitarist In A Hair Band 



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