Artist:  Robin Beck
   Title: Livin' On A Dream
   Label: Frontiers Records

Letís get this outta the way first, Robin Beck may be best known for that Coca Cola ad but thereís more to this girl from Brooklyn than TV jingles.  With a pedigree that reads like a whoís who in the music industry, Desmond Child, Chaka Khan, David Bowie, Cher, George Benson, Joe Lynn Turner and even Leo Sayer, sheís worked with them all and created some memorable songs during a career that stretches over 25 years.

This new cd, follow-up to 2006ís 'Do You Miss Me', shows a tougher, edgier side, songs with memorable hooks and outstanding musicianship.  Co-produced by James Christian and Tommy Denander with House of Lords members Jimi Bell (guitar) and BJ Zampa (drums) providing backbone to these songs.

Kicking off with the title and standout track, 'Liviní On A Dream', the guitar kicks in and Ms Beck leads us into a huge rockiní song that you canít get out of your head and youíll find yourself singing the chorus for days after, try it and tell me Iím a liar!

'Show Me The Way' and 'Love Me Like A Man' are reminscent of a lot of songs from the 80ís, the former basking in a glorious Bon Jovi style hook.

'Always', is a big ballad with impassioned vocal lines leading us into, 'Nothingís Gonna Change Your World'.  This was apparently the first song written for the cd and is a midtempo tune with a huge chorus and another excellent vocal performance.

Another standout track is 'Seventeen
Forever', and if you listen closely it has a touch of country in it but it just pulls you in and rocks you along.  'Canít Get Enough of Your Heart', has a huge vocal line for the chorus and sounds like it was made for Cher.

'Runaway' and 'Wrapped Around Your Finger' lead us into a big favourite of mine, 'Magic', a very contemporary intro leads into an uptempo rocker, Jimi Bell riffing like the riffmeister he is and another catchy chorus hanging around your head for days again.

I Canít Walk The Line' slows things down and Ms Beck gives another emotional and passionate vocal performance.  'Till The Last Teardrop Falls' features a duet between Ms Beck and hubby James Christian and soaring vocals pouring with emotion.  'Love Lies' finishes off the cd and another uptempo rocker with a signature catchy chorus with a killer vocal performance.

Every song on this cd is performed with passion, honesty and enthusiasm.  The vocals swoop and soar throughout, the production is first class and the playing exemplary.  The songwriting is strong and has a direct and energetic approach. Go and buy it just for 'Liviní On A Dream', 'Seventeen Forever' and 'Magic', but youíll be singing along to every song, you will not be disappointed.

* Review by Brassy.


1. Livin' On A Dream
2. Show Me The Way
3. Love Me Like A Man
4. Always
5. Nothing's Gonna Change Your World 
6. Seventeen Forever 
7. Can't Get Enough Of Your Heart 
8. Runaway
9. Wrapped Around Your Finger
10. Magic
11. I Can't Walk The Line
12. Till The Last Tear Drop Falls
13. Love Lies



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