Artist:  Beggars &Thieves
   Title: We Are Broken Hearted
   Label: Frontiers Records

Back in 1989 out of mean streets of New York City came Beggars & Thieves, who delivered a real East Coast melodic rock sound that was enough for the band to get signed after just half a dozen shows.  But like many bands of the genre, they fell prey to the influx of Seattle’s Grunge scene, although this didn’t stop the band releasing three albums in 1990, 1997 and 1999, and in more recent years the EP 'Stone Cold' in 2010.

Now Louse Merlino and Ronnie Mancuso return with a full-length opus, that once again sees Merlino delivering that trademark smooth velvet vocal and stalwart guitarist Mancuso delivering some of the warmest guitars sounds you’ll here.

The pair have still retained that New York edge to their sound, even though they have moved to Las Vegas, they have definably not forgot where their roots lie and with 'We Are Broken Heated', they have remained true to themselves.

The album boasts some truly magnificent rock moments like ‘Beautiful Loser’ and 'Never Gonna See You Again’, while for the rockier moments we have the opener ‘We Come Undone’, ‘Stranded’ and 'Midnight Blue' all worth a mention.

This is the band that put New York on the Melodic Rock map and this is a great return if you like you Melodic Rock with a little bit of an edge, you get it here in a lot more than a New York minute.


1. We Come Undone
2. Oil & Water
3. Innocence
4. Never Gonna See You Again
5. Beautiful Losers
6. Seven Seconds
7. Stranded
8. Wash Away
9. Midnight Blue
10. We Are The Brokenhearted



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