Artist:  George Bellas
   Title: Planetary Alignment 
   Label: Lion Music

As virtuoso guitar players go there are non so prolific and renowned as George Bellas, who time after time has put together some quite outstanding albums. Once again Bellas has shown his true technical ability and fortitude with his latest release 'Planetary Alignment'.

This album is probably Bellas’s most Progressive sounding album to date, a man whose better known for Neo-Classical work this album shows another side to this guitarists ever growing talent, as wrote, played guitar, bass and keyboards on the album he also produced, mixed and did the artwork for the album so even before you hear a note this is without a doubt a George Bellas album.

By the way the drum work is by the very capable Marco Minneman who is probably on of the few drummers who could keep up with Bellas’s complex material.

We get things going with ‘Color By Numbers’ and from the off you're thrown into Bellas’s world of flamboyant solo’s and intricate timings and tempo changes, with its soaring keyboards, every changing drum beats and that infamous guitar style.

Bellas took the world of Astrophysics for his inspiration not a subject usually associated with rock music but he has taken this small molecule of an idea and blown it into planetary proportions.

As the album continues is sub particle path with ‘Encoded In Light’ another soaring almost mystical piece that again highlights the varying fret work of Bellas.

The high quality of guitar playing is here in bucket loads, as well as some quite sublime keys and bass renderings.  As the album progresses through the likes of ‘Subatomic Particles’ with its sci-fi feel and 'Parallel Universe' and 'Overlapping Dimensions' carrying on the spaced out theme.

'Escape Victory' is another triumph for Bellas’s imaginative and haunting style.  Whereas my favourite ‘Gravitons’ heralds a new wave of Progressive guitar playing as Bellas expands the mind with some quite extraordinary elements in the middle C, which will simply seem impossible to us mere mortals to reproduce.

This quite impressive guitar album will not be to everyone’s taste as most guitar albums have a limited market with only the hardiest of guitar players admiring the depth and perception needed to create such an album, but the fans of Bellas will simply love what he has created on this album.


1 Color By Numbers
2 Encoded In Light
3 Subatomic Particles
4 New Worlds Discovered
5 Parallel Universe
6 Overlapping Dimensions
7 Escape Victory
8 Gravitons
9 Planetary Alignment
10 Supersymmetry




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