Artist:  Benesser
   Title: The Start Of Something New
   Label: Doolittle Group

When a band is compared to the likes of Muse, Coldplay, Rush, Black Country Communion and Subsignal, apart from Rush and maybe Black Country Communion, the alarm bells start ringing for me.  I’ve never been a fan of Muse or Coldplay, they fall into the "give it a miss" category for me, but as a reviewer and a lover of the Swedish music scene, I had to give this one chance.

Named after a chapel built in Dala-Jama by Benesser in central Sweden, trio of Robert Olsson, Henric Hermansson and David Olsson have been playing together since they were nine years old.  How many bands can say they have done that and still be together some fifteen years later?

This trio have honed their sound over the years and this debut is the accumulation of those years.

But this is an album you have to give a few listens to, it didn’t grab me from the off, it took a few listens and to be honest I thought I wouldn’t get it, but after a few listens you feel yourself warming to the magnetic tones.  You can almost feel yourself being dragged into the dark underbelly of a Swedish winter.

The album has some wonderful musicianship on it, with vocalist and bass player Olsson R delivering the goods on both levels and Hermansson’s driven guitar solo’s are some of the finest examples of Prog guitar work you’ll hear, but it's the powerhouse drums of Olsson D that are the cement that holds everything together.

If I had to pick tracks of note then the likes of ‘Colors’, ‘Where O Death’ and big hitting ‘Babyface’ would be the ones I’d choose.  Like I said, not an album than grips you from the off.  If you're into your modern Prog Rock of the likes of Muse then this one will definitely float your boat, but for me, I have to be in the mood for this style of music and today just wasn’t that day.

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. Where Silence Prevails
2. Babyface
3. is It You
4. Colors
5. Where O Death
6. Sleepless Nights
7. Signs Of Time
8. For The Eyes of The Lord
9. The Start Of Something New



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