Artist: Berggren Kerslake Band 
   Title: The Sun Has Gone Hazy
   Label: AOR Heaven

The Sun Has Gone Hazy is the debut release from the Berggren Kerslake Band the brainchild of Steffan Berggren (The Company Of Snakes, Razorback, Snakes In Paradise, Revolution Road) and Lee Kerslake (Ozzy, Uriah Heep), who along with Tomas Thorberg (Bass) and Joakim Svalberg (Organ, Moog), deliver an album full of organic Hard Rock, with it's roots firmly planted in the 70’s, but with enough of new age vibe to be relevant to today’s open minded rocker.

The album opens up in emphatic style with ‘Walk Tall’, this is five and a half minutes of pure blues soaked rock, that rolls back the years to the glory days of rock when Led Zep ruled the roost, when rock was in its infancy and great bands stepped into the limelight to take rock to the next level.

The album continues its nostalgia trip and I do mean trip with the Purplesque tones of ‘Super Sonic Dream’, with the keyboards of Svalberg delivering that Jon Lord styled 70’s vibe, that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention.

‘My My’ has a real laid back psychedelic feel about it, it has an almost Haight-Ashbury feel about it, before returning to the bluesy Hard Rock with the excellent title track ‘The Sun Has Gone Hazy’, which is followed by the equally impressive ‘Free’, a real Summer time, top down sort of track.  A song that will have you smiling on the inside.

The keyboards prowess of Svalberg is brought to the forefront once more with the stunning ‘Fools Asleep’, before the excellent ballad ‘As Time Goes By’ with its superb chorus that has an almost Gospel feel about it.

At the other end of the spectrum comes the funk filled ‘Rock n' Roll Gangsta’, this is where old meets new.  This is the sort of thing that the likes of The Answer are bringing today, bluesy rock with a modern twist.

The tempo is brought up a notch or two as it's back to the Hard Rock side of things with ‘Back On The Road Again’, before the album comes to a close with ‘Born Again’, a slow burner that wraps up a great album that will appeal to the older rockers and the new breed of young rock fans, who feel disheartened by the same old grind and need to revisit some classic Hard Rock to remember where it all started.

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. Walk Tall 
2. Super Sonic Dream
3. My My
4. The Sun Has Gone Hazy
5. Free
6. Fools Asleep
7. As Time Goes By
8. Rock N Roll Gangsta
9. Back On The Road Again
10. Born Again



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