Artist:  Bewitched
   Title: Spiritual Warfare
   Label: Regain Records

Although this is the bands seventh album, 'Spiritual Warfare' marks not only the return of the Danish dark gods of metal Bewitched, but heralds their debut album on their new label Regain Records.

Once again Bewitched hail themselves as the most heaviest and most hated band in metal.  A title which they are proud to uphold, as this album will surely see the band living up that title.

This album is pure hate bred metal.  I’ve not heard anything this severe since Venoms ‘Black Metal’ album.  The similarities between that album and this are overwhelming.

From the vocal styles to the speed driven guitar solos, to the pounding rhythm section, all the traits that made Cronos, Abbadon and Mantas such figure infamous figures in the metal world are now bestowed upon Bewitched.

I would normally say that an album opens up with such an such a track, but this album is not so much opened up as it is more unchained and released upon an unsuspecting listener with ‘Fucked By Fire’, a track that’s like a metal freight train running over your very soul and from here on in the dark just gets blacker.

With tracks as forceful as ‘Let Darkness Come’ and ‘Heisinme’ paving the way for the equally dark ‘Glorious Are The Ways Of Death’ and the speed fests that are ‘Malevolent Force Of Destruction’ and ‘My Skin Loves The Steel’, that black feel of the album is in no doubt.

This album may not win the band many new fans but their diehard dark horde of faithful servants will simply love it. 



1. Fucked By Fire
2. Gracefallen
3. Let Darkness Come
4. He As In Me
5. Black Burning Hatred
6. Glorious Are The Ways Of Death
7. Malevolent Force Of Destruction
8. This Is Goodbye
9. My Skin Loves The Steel
10. Spiritual Warfare



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