Artist:  Bitches Sin
   Title: The Sound Of Silence
   Label: Bitches Sin Records

Simon and Garfunkel and NWOBHM, bunnies with cut off denim and leathers, now that’s enough to give any diehard metal fan nightmares for the rest of his life.

But really, when NWOBHM legend Bitches Sin returned with their ‘UDUVUDU’ album back in 2008, their first in some twenty years, it was clear to all fans of that iconic NWOBHM era that you can't keep an old dog down.   Now the guys are back with a bang and what other way to cause a stir in the metal world than to do a cover that no one would expect, hence the cover of the Simon And Garfunkel classic ‘The Sound Of Silence’.  The band have beefed up the song beyond all expectations and make sound endearing to even the most diehard of metalheads, and has to be heard to be really appreciated.

As well as the cover this single also shows that Bitches Sin are back and back to their very best with the hard hitting ‘What Loving Means’, as old school NWOBHM as they come and ‘Red Skies’, a more modern metal track with Ian Toomey showing he hasn’t lost any of his technical expertise on the six string razor and the monstrous metal vocals of Tony Tomkinson equally sharp.

On the basis of these three tracks alone I just can't wait for a new album from the guys because the Bitches definitely back.


01. The Sound Of Silence
02. What Love Means
03. Red Skies




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