Artist:  Black And Blue
   Title: Ultimate Collection

Until this gem of a release appeared at Groove Towers I had almost forgotten this band had even existed.

When you consider the strength of the songs they produced , instead of being the nearly band that they were, Black N Blue should have been huge.

It all started of with a bang upon the release of there 1st self titled album in 84 which contained melodic rock classics such as Hold On To 18 and Rockin on Heavens Door.  They probably reached there peak with 86's Nasty, Nasty whose title track is a dead ringer for AC/DC's Whole Lotta Rosie but with melody.

This is fun music , music that you get up and bang your head to , music that makes you feel good and to put a smile on your face.  It's a shame that this is the only thing you can get on cd by this band as I am sure if Universal were to reissue the back catalogue they would sell loads.

Every song is a classic, a testimony to a time gone by and to a band that new how to write a catchy , classy rock song. Excellent!!!

(This review was brought to you courtesy of The Groove Machine.)


Rockin' ON Heavens Doors
Hold On To 18
Wiched Bitch
Without Love
Miss Mystery
Nasty Nasty
I Want It All I Want It Now
Nature Of The Beach
10. Stop The Lightning
11. Bombastic Plastic
12. Suspicious
13. I'll Be There For You
14. Heat It Up Burn It Out
15. Does She Or Doesn't She
16. Live It Up 17. Chains Around Heaven
18. Get Wise To The Rise
19. School Of Hard Knocks
20. I'm The King



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