Artist:  Black Majesty
   Title: In Your Honour
   Label: Limb Music

Mention the Australian music scene and many a mind goes blank, but one band that have taken it by storm are Power Metallers Black Majesty. The band may be from down under but their style of music is straight out of middle Europe and the Scandinavian countries, big and powerful with hints at Maiden, Helloween, Priest and many more but with the bands own stamp firmly planted on it.

The band are John Cavaliere (vocals), Pavel Kornvalinka (drums), Steve Janevski (guitars) and completing the line-up Hanny Mohamed also on guitars.  The astute of you will notice the lack of a bass player this is because the band have never had a permanent bassist in the band and have relied on bass playing friend for both studio and touring, strange but true!

This has not stopped the band achieving their goals and this their fourth studio release shows the band are heading full steam ahead to world domination of the Power Metal genre.

The album is defines the genre for sure from the opening salvo of ‘Far Beyond’ with its classic metal roots and full on twin guitar licks, and ‘God Of War’ with its Helloween style guitar sound, but with more muscle.

The massive massive power infused metal continues with the excellent ‘Millenium’, a hard and fast melody rich assault on the senses, before things take a more gentle refrain with ‘Break The Chains’.  This is far from being a ballad, it's just not as full on as the previous tracks, think more Queensryche than Priest.

Fear not its pedal to the METAL once more with stunning ‘Further Than Insane’, imagine Geoff Tate fronting Iron Maiden then you won't be far away from the power and grace of this metal monster.

A couple of my many favourites off this album come back to back first with ‘End Of Time’, a really big bass and double kick drum masterpiece and second is ‘Wish You Well’.  Again a huge rhythm section dominates this one, while the twin guitars fire out the licks like their lives depended on it, all the while the vocals of Cavaliere towering above it all, great stuff!

‘Follow’ has that Power Metal epic feel about it even if it only comes in at just over four minutes long, the swooping guitars are only outclassed by the tremendous vocals of Cavaliere.  The album closes in emphatic style with the fantastic ‘Witching Hour’ an all guns blazing finale that wraps up another stunning release from these Antipodean metal gods. 


1. Far Beyond
2. God Of War
3. Millenium
4. Break These Chains
5. Further Than Insane
6. End Of Time
7. Wish You Well
8. Follow
9. Witching Hour



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