Artist:  Black Messiah
   Title: Of Myths And Legends
   Label: AFM Records

All hail the beginning of a new rock genre with Black Messiah the realms of Pagan Metal have been unearthed with the band latest release 'Of Myths And Legends'.

The band have gone through many metamorphosis since their incarnation back in 1992 and with change comes, well change.  The band have changed label and are now signed to AFM Records in a hope to take this once studio project on to higher plains.

The bands mix of progressive metal with some folkish elements with the demonic vocals of Zagan bring an interesting mix the metal genres, hailing the formation of the genre Pagan Metal.

The album opens up with ‘In Remembrance’ with its atmospheric opening, but this soon give way to the titanic title track ‘Of Myths And Legends’ and the monstrous vocals of Zagan, who puts the might of Black Messiah behind him.  With the twin guitar onslaught of Zoran and Meldric together, they conjure up a world of Nordic Tales of old as you enter Odens domain and the world of Myths And Legends.

The album brings in those folkish elements mixed with the scything guitars of Zoran and Meldric on the eclectic speed fest that is ‘Irminsul’.

The atmospheric tones continue with the mighty ‘Father Of War’, but it’s the gypsy violin of the beer drinking song ‘Sauflied’ that really show the fusion between metal and traditional folk, which all go to make this an interesting album to listen to, as you don’t know just what to expect next.

But track of the album for me is the majestic ‘ Howl Of The Wolves’, which combines the intense vocals of Zagan with some of the most atmospheric power metal you will hear this year.  The musicianship of the band, is put out on a pedestal for all to hear on this one.

The supreme musicianship continues one with the awe inspiring ‘Erik, Der Rote’ as it takes you on a metal journey across the fiords to a by-gone age.

It's back to the more traditional folk tones with the gypsy violin returning for instrumental ‘Loki’s Tanz’, a track that paves the way to another folk, black metal mix that is ‘Die Suhne Des Feuerbringers’, another very eclectic mix of styles that this album is filled with.  None more so than with the Cossack dancing feel of ‘Moskau’.

This very different album comes to a close on a more traditional metal note with the rampaging ‘The Bestial Hunt Of The Fenrizwolf’, which rounds of this quite unique insight into the world of Pagan Metal.


1. In Remembrance
2. Of Myths And Legends
3. Irminsul
4. Father Of War
5. Sauflied
6. Howl Of The Wolves
7. Erik, Der Rote
8. Loki's Tanz
9. Die Suhne Des Feuerbringers
10. Moskau
11. The Bestial Hunt Of The Fenrizwolf



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