Artist:  Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars
   Title: Planet Fame
   Label: TB Records 

One of the brightest stars to shine in the galaxy tonight is Planet Fame. It lights up the sky and twinkles big and bright for all to see. It’s loud and it’s proud because that’s the home of this glamorous five some.

Robin Black and his intergalactic soldiers are visiting this planet to take no prisoners with their raucous brand of rock n’ roll. Thinks Backyard babies meets Bubble, with lashings of glamour puss Hanoi Rocks era thrown in for good measure.

Setting the scene for the very essence of the band we have the opening track ‘TV Trash’. Cleverly reflecting on just what it is that ever little boy and every little girl dreams of having when they grow up.

Next track up is the anthem like ‘Some of your boys and most of you Girls’. A song so sugar sweet it could rot your teeth at a hundred paces. But you know what? There’s something about that outrageous voice of lead singer Robin Black singing along to the girly vocals of Starboy that makes this song such an adorable hit.

Indeed ‘Time travel Tonight’ is a sure fire hit for all those good time rockers out there. Did you enjoy the rush that the eighties brought with all that hairspray, lycra, leather and lashings of lippy? Do you like your bands to sing songs in a way that you can actually hear what the words are? ‘Take yourself Away’ isn’t actually that far away from some of the old Enuff ZNuff songs.

My personal favourite off the album is probably ‘Candy Flip’; although there are so many delicious tracks on this album it’s hard to choose one over the others.

Showing that the band really do have a sense of humour we have ‘One of those Boys’. Indeed with lyrics like ‘… how can you love someone who’s more effeminate than you?’ you know these guys aren’t going to have problems with letting their inner child's out to play.

Planet Fame is a big statement for any band to make, let alone one from Canada. OK, so that’s just their Earth bound temporary residence. This album is as exciting as that big sparkly gift lying under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. They look so good and inviting you just want to peel away the layers to see what lies beneath. Well let me tell you, for such an unknown quantity they not only deliver the goods, but they really do make all your Christmas’s come at once.

Whether you buy the album or check out one of their live shows first, one thing’s for sure, these rock n’ roll intergalactic gangsters will win you over whole heartedly. Few albums have excited me as much as this one and few bands have set my pulse racing as fast as this band during their live performances.

Check this band out; you owe it to yourself to live a little on the brighter side of life!


1. TV Trash
2. Some of you Boys (and most of you Girls)
3. Suburban Sci-Fi
4. Time travel Tonight
5. Take myself Away
6. Candy Flip
7. So sick of You
8. More effeminate than You
9. Plastic Fantastic
10. I wanna be High
11. Screwed it Up
12. Disco Dust (bonus track)



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