Artist: Black Star Bullet 
   Title: Natural High Recordings
   Label: Independent Release

Black Star Bullet are a four piece from Coventry and their debut album is very very impressive.  This band delivers hard edged rock with a touch of punk.  Having had the pleasure of seeing these guys a few months back, I can attest to this bands energy, vibrancy and all round professionalism, that night in Birmingham they blew me away, having never seen them or really knowing anything about them, I was so caught up in this bandís music and seriously hope a major label /management team picks these lads up as soon as possible. 

'In My Blood' kicks proceedings off and the raspy voice of lead singer Trev Goddard has you instantly hooked, a classy track with competent guitar playing and intelligent lyrics this song gears you up for the rest of a pretty damn decent album. Wow 'This is Rock N Roll' is a party anthem if ever I heard one and I can think of some big name bands who would love this song in their repertoire.  A song to get you up on your feet and punching the air as these guys let you know 'This is Rock N Roll!'

Great chugging guitar riffage and soloing in 'Take it Back'.  As we come to the highlight and my personal favourite Black Star Bullet track 'Hate' is a wicked, punchy, head bashing, bopping number that should have every one moving this song is basically superb.   '8.50 am' opens with some drumming and thunders along like a train taking you to your destination.  Now 'Slow Down' has a rich bluesy feel to it and I love the rich vocals on this song. 

The tempo slows down a little bit for 'Energy Daze' and is a nice song with excellent musicianship throughout.  Canít fault 'On-Line Lunch', but the next track 'The Game' is another song that gets under your skin and has to be played again and again, well catchy.  'The Only Answer' thunders along and really shakes the room, as with all the tracks on the self-titled album, the lyrics are intelligent and the music just keeps you grooving. 

'Fake' was the only track I couldnít get into at first, but actually after a few more listens I quite like it, but would say itís the weakest track on here.  From weakest we come to the awesome and possibly strongest and final song 'Mistake', this song seriously melts into your being and once the guitar comes in, it gave me goosebumps, honestly this is a beautiful, heartfelt song and tears at your heart.  Everything about this track is powerful and wonderful.  

Like I said at the beginning of my review I have had the privilege of seeing this band and will jump at the chance to see them again and so should you, get hold of this album and savour the brilliance of a band that deserve a big audience and should be out touring constantly.

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. In My Blood
2. This Is Rock N Roll
3. Take It Back
4. Hate
5. 8.50 am
6. Slow Down
7. Energy Daze
8. Online Lunch
9. The Game
10. The Answer
11. Fake
12. Mistakes



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