Artist:  Black Succubi
   Title: Black Succubi
   Label: Independent Release

Hailing from Denmark Black Succubi are a band who deliver good old fashioned Heavy Metal with the emphasis on the Heavy.

This isn’t a harsh metal album this is pure bred metal great guitars and a punishing rhythm section and a towering vocal.

For the opener ‘Troubled Times’ the band lay down that really makes its mark like any good opener should it powerful guitars courtesy of Thomas Pedersen and Michael Larsen and a real metal back beat with Jesper Brogaard pummelling the bass and Jens B simply thrashing away at the drums.

But no metal band is complete without a singer and in Jan Lundstrøm the band the perfect vehicle to spew out those true metal lyrics.

With the raucous tones of ‘Into Oblivion’ the guitar fuelled monster ‘Blood And Flames’ the band have all the right ingredients on this album to satisfy even the most hardened metalhead.

There are a couple of really special moments to look out for on the album like the Priest/Slayer mix of ‘You Can't Run Away’ and the titanic metal overtones of ‘Feel It Coming’ just a few of my favourites on what is a colossal Metal opus.



1. Troubled Times
2. Dark Side
3. Into Oblivion
4. Blood And Flames
5. You Can't Run Away 
6. Psychotic Meltdown
7. Feel It Coming 
8. Cry For Your Brother
9. Slave 
10. Time To Get Even



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