Artist:  Blackwood Creek
   Title: Blackwood Creek
   Label: Frontiers Records

Following on from the success of the superb 'Karma' album Frontiers have released another Kip Winger album.  This time going back two years to 2007 and the reformation album of the band started by Kip with his brother Nate and Peter Fletcher back in 1969.  When Kip was a much younger mere seven years old.

The album is purebred Hard Rock and is the combination of nearly forty years in this mad cap world we call Rock. The album might be two years old but it still has that unique timeless feel about it.

As the album get's underway with ‘Out In Outer Space’, you feel that this album could have been written yesterday.  A driving guitar start courtesy of Fletcher leads nicely into Winger’s unmistakable vocals, while brother Nate pounds out the back beat.  A great start to the album.

‘Nothing But The Sun’ is a more gentler track, semi acoustic in nature but still a great rock track with a great chorus to sing a long too. The mellower mood continues with the intro into one of my favourites off the album, the great ‘Your Revolution’ which starts of slowly but soon builds into a monster slice of modern Hard Rock.

That same modern rock vibe is carried on with ‘Dead Stung’ before another great ballad in ‘After Your Heart’.  Again Kip delivers an almost perfect vocal on this song which could easily have featured on any Winger album.

Another favourite track has to be ‘Albatross’.  Again a slow builder full of moody bass lines and a stirring guitar riff from Fletcher, although one track where Fletcher really shines bright is on the groove filled ‘Jimmy And Georgia’.

The pace is picked back up with the rocker ‘Rack Of Greed’ and the excellent ‘Love Inspector’, a real gritty rock anthem that has to be my favourite of all the great rock songs on this excellent album.

You get even more groove for your buck with the massive riff bundled ‘Joy Ride’ before the album comes to a close with probably the best rock ballad of the album the mind-blowing six minute plus wonder that is ‘Wooden Shoe’, which rounds off a great album and again shows the calibre of Kip Winger.  If the band toured instead of Winger themselves next year I’d be knocking down the doors of venues to hear these songs live such is the calibre of this album.



01.  Out In Outer Space 
02.  Nothing But The Sun
03.  Your Revolution
04.  Dead Stung
05.  After Your Heart
06.  Albatross
07. Jimmy And Georgia
08. Rack Of Greed
09. Love Inspector
10. Joy Ride 
11. Wooden Shoe



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