Artist:  Blanc Faces
   Title: Falling From The Moon
   Label: Frontiers Records

The world of Melodic Rock is always welcome to new and exciting artists and in 2005 the brother Robbie and Brian La Blanc were welcomed into the bosom of the scene with their self-titled debut release.

Now in 2009 the brothers return with the second release ‘Falling From The Moon’.  Again the brothers have called upon Kyle Woodring for drums, Jeff Batter for the keyboards and Butch Taylor and Michael Patzig for lead guitars.

This album is what Melodic Rock and AOR is all about, great melodies and rhythms engulfed in a fine majestic vocal.  This album is full of all these elements and with Denis Ward handling the mix on the album, you know it’s gonna sound great.

From the opener ‘I Come Alive’ there is more than an air of class about the album, with Robbie La Blanc reminding me very much of Steve Newman and Steve Overland in his vocal style and delivery.

The album continues its Melodic Rock path with the title track ‘Falling From The Moon’, a more gentle almost ballad like intro leading to a more meaty slice AOR, with again La Blanc’s vocals being the mainstay for excellence of the track.

The tempo is picked up once with ‘I Swear To You’ before returning to the gentle ballad ‘Everything’.  Once again with La Blanc sounding so much like Overland on this one it's uncanny.

There’s a lot of radio friendly rock on this album with the likes ‘It’s All About The Love’ and ‘Deep In The Heart’ that would have been sure fire hits in the 80’s.  For those you who like a bit of meat and bones in their Melodic Rock then ‘Don’t Take It Away’ and ‘Like A Believer’ are the ones for you.

All the way from the opener 'I Come Alive' right up to the closer ‘Fly’, there is plenty for the even the diehard fans of the genre to get their teeth into.

The only sad point that this album has is that it had only just been completed when Kyle Woodring passed away, so the band have dedicated the album to him, as a great legacy.


01. I Come Alive
02. Falling From The Moon
03. I Swear To You
04. Everything
05. It's All About The Love
06. Goodbye Summer
07. Deep In The Heart
08. Don't Take It Away
09. Live A Believer  
10. Light Of The World
11. I Will
12. Fly



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