Artist:  Blood Ceremony
   Title: Blood Ceremony
   Label: Rise Above Records

This Toronto based band’s ‘witch rock’, is a mix of Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull.  Taking their name from an Italian horror film, the band formed in 2006 to play their own version of psychedelic acid metal with a sludgy base.  Blood Ceremony is their debut album, released in 2008.

The slow, rebounding bass beat is the primary instrument heard throughout the album.  The guitar and drums can be heard but it is mainly bass driven behind a slow, ponderous female vocalist.  The slowness of this album seeps into the bones and is very reminiscent of Black Sabbath.  The psychedelic rock influence can be heard throughout, with the slow string driven songs given priority.  Even the highly skilled guitar solo is played solo, with only small pieces where the music speeds up slightly, and even then it is because of the introduction of a new instrument or getting close to the end of a song.  The introduction of the flute in later songs gives it a more ethereal sound, that of the forest or of the natural beauty, although it’s higher, more reedy sound is at odds with the rock played by the others.

By no mean take the slowness as a sign of a lack of skill.  Each instrument is expertly played and made to sit within the rhythm that the others create for it.  The slow, almost hypnotic rhythm leads through, even overtaking the vocals at times, which, of course, there are not many of.  This is perfect for those who like to slow it down a bit.

Review by: Kerry H


1. Master Of Confusion
2. I'm Coming With You
3. Into The Coven
4. A Wine Of Wizardry
5. The Rare Lord
6. Return To Forever
7. Hop Toad
8. Children Of The Future
9. Hymn To Pan



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