Artist:  The Bloodline
   Title: Where Lost Souls Dwell
   Label: Rebel Monster Records

The Bloodline is the dream child of The Dreamside members Roman Schoensee and vocalist Kemi Vita.  This is the second release under The Bloodline name and with this new release they take you on a dark tour of what The Bloodline are really all about.

The best way I can describe The Bloodline is that they are a modern day Sisters of Mercy.  Mixing dark vibes with vigorous modern keyboards and mammoth guitar riffs.

The album opener 'At The Waters of Lethe' is as dark as it is soulful, with the mix of growling male vocals, and harmonious female vocals, make this a very interesting start to the album.  And from here the album simply goes from strength to strength.

The second track ‘Final Journey’ melts gently in from the opener and is a more sombre affair, but still has those dark undertones as the opening line indicates "... he knew he was dead as darkness grew darker and darker...".  This sums up the track wonderfully as the song develops into a dark journey from this world to the next.

‘Opium Hearts’ is more of a narrative track that acts as a build up to ‘Cut The Corts’, a track where you get that definite Sisters Of Mercy feel with the haunting female vocals backing the more fiery male vocals.

The pace picks up with ‘Remember’ that once again has that Sisters vibe to it, but much darker in concept, and also is a little Siouxsie and the Banshees vocally.

The final few tracks bring this crescendo of darkness to a close, with ‘Abandon All Hope’ and ‘I Think We Simply Fall’ being some of the darkest gothic metal you will hear for sometime.

The title track ‘Where Lost Souls Fall’ starts off with a narrative from Fried Bruggink and develops into a dark fairy tale of myths and monsters and once again melts seamlessly into the final track ‘Ocean In Flames’ which ends this truly haunting album, the likes I haven’t heard before. Stirring stuff.


1. At the waters of Lethe
2. Final Journey
3. Opium Hearts
4. Cut the Corts
5. Remember
6. Abandon all Hope
7. I think we simply Fall
8. Where lost souls Dwell
9. Ocean in Flames



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