Artist:  Blood Stain Child
   Title: Mozaiq
   Label: Dockyard 1 

Since their insurgence on to the scene back in 1999 when they were known as Visionquest, later changing their name to Blood Stain Child, the band have been heavy influenced by the European Death Metal scene and especially the Swedish Melodic Death Metal quarter.  On hearing the band you would be mistaken in assuming the band were themselves European but this Sextet actually hail from Japan.

The band return to follow up the success of their 'Idolator' album of earlier this year with another milestone album, as the band stretch the whole metal vibe to another level as they mix the traditional thrash and electro pop punk to create quite an eclectic mix, but somehow this album really works well and is more approachable than previous albums.

Things get underway with ‘Exotic-6-Cordinator’ a mix of electro pop with hardcore vocals and a punishing guitar sound, but still very catchy and that’s what makes this a very different type of metal experience.

Things continue with the hardcore vibe of ‘Cyber Green’ and the more commercial ‘Freedom’ with its dark gothic spin on the whole metalcore sound.

The band's love affair with the Swedish metal scene is brought forward with the more traditional metal soundings of ‘Energy Blast’ which epitomes that whole genre, where as the next track ‘Pitch Black Room’ is more a modern twist on the genre, as it has more of that electronic dance vibe which is brought into the mix.  This is more Cyber Metal than Death Metal and yet again is very now and very vibrant.

The album can only be described as innovative and refreshing with the likes of ‘Another Dimension’, ‘Metropolice’ and ‘C.E.0079 keeping it real and true to the purest of metalheads, whilst the eastern promise of ‘Innocence’ and the electronic dance tones of ‘Peacemaker’, bring that little extra something different to the sound and will please those looking for something new and exuberant from a somewhat stagnant genre.

The album proper ends with ‘Neo-Gothic-Romance’ which sums up the whole Blood Stain Child spirit of mixing old ideas with new ones to create a sound that is different and refreshing, and with the added bonus of ‘Cosmic Highway’ bringing everything to a close with a bang, the future of metal is about to take on a whole new spin.



1. Exotic - 6 - Cordinator
2. Cyber Green
3. Freedom
4. Energy Blast 
5. Pitch Black Room 
6. Another Dimension 
7. Metropolice 
8. C.E.0079
9. Innocence
10. Peacemaker
11. Neo - Gothic - Romance
12. Cosmic Highway



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