Artist:  B Movie Heroes
   Title: Rock Music
   Label: Changes One Records

For all lovers of the Bay area metal sound of the 80’s which brought forth the likes of Slayer, Testament and of course Metallica , fear no more the spirit of the San Francisco is alive and well but has relocated itself in Europe, well Germany to be more precise with the charged thrashing guitar sound of Abandoned.The band may hail just south of Hessen, Germany and were formed by guitarist Holger Ziegler and vocalist Eric Kaldschmidt, joined by Konrad Cartini and Gunt Auschrat on drums and bass respectfully who soon joined the ranks to revive that 80's thrash sound.

'Thrash You' is the bands second full studio release and follows their 2006 opus ‘Thrash Notes’ by carrying on where the other left off, with their no nonsense guitar driven metal that takes that Bay Area sound to the next level, with Ziegler shredding like a man possessed and Kalschmidt’s angst filled vocals being the perfect match for his lightning fret work.

Things get under way proper after the short intro ‘Incarnation’ with ‘Visions of Death’ and it's straight on with the heavy stuff as Ziegler is unleashed and instantly you're drawn back to those heady days of Thrash when Metallica were a thrash band and Slayer were at their peak.  When rampaging guitars and a pounding drum beat were the order of the day, with Kaldschmidt cutting through the vocals like a man on a mission.
This no holds barred assault is continued with ‘We Are In Hell’, again with Cartini thrashing out the back beat like an out of control AK-47 and Ziegler and Kaldschmidt spewing out the riffs like an express train, this is a true metalheads delight.
The relentless Thrash seems to have no bounds as the band continue their craft the speedfest that is ‘Disorder’ and the power driven attack of ‘Die In Dignity’.  If you thought the mid section of the album would be a more relaxed affair then you’d be mistaken, as Abandoned carry on the relentless metal onslaught with the pounding tones of ‘Sands of Time’ and ‘Feel The Fire’, with Ziegler really showing his metal credentials on the solo during this one.

The band shift down a gear for ‘Damned For All Time’, while still retaining that full on Thrash feel that has been the mainstay of the album so far, with Kaldschmidt laying down his darkest vocal so far.  Then it's back up to fifth gear with the anthemic riff spewn ‘This Is The End’ before really bringing it down with ‘Repentance’.  A track that mixes both electric and semi acoustic guitars for this short instrumental that acts as an intro into the more heavier refrain that is ‘Too Blind To See’.  A track that verges on Power Metal with its fantastic guitar sound and thunderous rhythm section.

With the album almost at a close the band turn it up another notch or two with ‘Search Of Sanity’ and the fastest track on the album ‘Trapped’, before signing the album off with ‘V.O.D. Reprise’.  The real surprise package of the album is this short semi acoustic piece which puts the lid on a real tour de force old school Thrash album that will please the ardent headbanger in all of you. 

1. Lie down and die
2. Old blue shoes
3. Cheap surrender
4. On the outside
5. The image
6. Million miles an hour





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