Artist:  B Movie Heroes & Johnny Zhivago
   Title: Don't Shutter Down Boy
   Label: Changes One Records

Two of my favourite under ground bands came together to create this split release. Quite whether they class it as a split single or a split EP I'm not sure. Whatever they call it, the sense of community spirit spurred them on to do this together.

What was the cause I hear you ask, was it a charity record I hear you say, the cause was indeed not a charity case, it was indeed the plight of one man who had a dream and his fight against the bureaucratic red tape that very nearly broke him.

The man in question was one Ian Tunstall from the independent record label Changes One. This man has rapidly become a hero to many with his sense of fair play and his determination to succeed no matter what.

Both bands saw the troubles and strife that Ian had to put up with during his fight against the men in suits at his local council who took offence when he installed shutters on his record store to protect it from the unsavoury elements that prowled around the streets of South Shields at night.  Many would have crumbled and fallen but not Ian. His passion for his true love, that being the music in his life, won the hearts of the nation.

'Don't Shutter Down Boy' was the song that would help rally the support of those fans of Changes One and give Ian and his staff the will to carry on with what they knew was right and just.  Both bands provided 2 tracks for this release and a jolly fine show of support it is from them too.

The title track has got to be one of the most catchy songs that the B Movie Heroes have ever released and continues to be one of my all time favourites. If you're looking for something short and sweet that supports the underdog then check it out. Long may this song be performed live well after the troubles have disappeared.

At the time of release Johnny Zhivago were signed to Infernal Records and appeared with their labels consent.


1. Don't shutter down Boy (B Movie Heroes)
2. Girls, girls, Girls (Johnny Zhivago)
3. Running on Empty (B Movie Heroes)
4. Twenty first century Bitch (Johnny Zhivago)





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