Artist:  Body Count
   Title: Murder 4 Hire
   Label: Escapi Music

Its been nearly 14 years since Ice-T went into the metal scene with Body Count’s debut release Body Count and won instant critical acclaim.  The mix of metal and rap was something that was never heard of in the early nineties, but with Body Count Ice-T broke new ground.

Now after a nine year absence Body Count are back and with their usual fervour for telling it like it is, the band's new album 'Murder 4 Hire' is the bands most intense release so far.

With the sad demise of original members Mooseman who was killed in a drive by shooting, drummer Beatmster V who lost his fight with leukaemia, and guitarist D-Roc who died last summer of lymphoma in the middle of recording the new album, the two original members Ice-T and Ernie C are joined by new members OT on drums, Bentrix on guitar and completing the line-up Vincent Price on bass. After a one off memorial concert on honour of the bands past members in November 04 the rejuvenated band retuned to the studio for 'Murder 4 Hire'.

The album opens up in true body count style with ‘Invincible Gangsta’, a no holds barred song that tells of the day to day lifestyle of the invincible gangster who lives for money, cars, women ... and his aversion to the law.

The hard hitting no nonsense truths about life that have always been the inspiration for the Body Count lyrics are continued on ‘The End Game’.

Notable tracks on the album have to be ‘The Passion Of Christ’, which tells of the struggle within organised religion and is as hard hitting as they get.  Hard core metal fans will just love the intensity of the likes of ‘In My Head’ and the guitar fuelled ‘D Rocs (RIP) with Ernie C spewing out some phenomenal shredding in the guitar.

But it’s the title track ‘Murder 4 Hire’ that really hits the mark.  A song that will be an instant moss pit hit with its relentless pace, with Ice-T’s immaculate vocals and once again Ernie C powerhouse guitar solo’s.

The band will be making an appearance at this years Reading and Leeds festivals and if this release is anything to go by, then 2006 will be the year Body Count return to kick some serious ass.


1. Invincible Gangsta
2. The End Game
3. You Don't Know Me (Pain)
4. The Passion of Christ
5. In My Head
6. D Rocs (RIP)
7. Murder 4 Hire
8. Down In The Bayou
9. Dirty Bombs
10. Lies
11. Relationships
12. Mr. C's Theme



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