Artist:  Tommy Bolin
   Title: Whips And Roses II
   Label: SPV Records

The question of what if they were alive today? Comes to mind when the likes of the greats like Hendrix, Joplin, Lennon, and Bolin come up in conversations about the state of rock music today, and would the world of rock be in a different place if these legends and their like were still alive today, a question that will always be unanswered.

But SPV and producer Greg Hampton have at least been given the chance to continue the Tommy Bolin story, to air some of one of the great guitarists unaired work and early this year they released ‘Whips and Roses I’, the first in a collection of previously unreleased material from Bolin.

Like the first Whips and Roses album, ‘Whips And Roses II’ brings to the light of day more of the work of this very talented guitarist who was cut down in his prime on the 4th December 1976, at only twenty five years of age.

The album, as with the first, includes some familiar Bolin tracks with some material never thought good enough by the labels at the time for inclusion on albums.  All material thought lost at one time, but now they are here for all to appreciate and wonder at the splendour of not only his guitar prowess, but his vocals and song writing capabilities.

The album opens up with ‘The Grind’ one of four tracks off the Teaser album and with the five off the previous Whips And Roses album, completes the collection of previously unheard versions of the tracks off said album.  The album itself is worth the money for this fact alone.

With a wide range of styles under his belt, from the blues to jazz, to hard rock, this album like the previous release is a must for all Bolin fans and the inclusion of three bonus track on this album totalling over twenty six minutes, and the album itself totalling over seventy four minutes of unadulterated class from one of rocks legendary guitar players, this is a must for all nostalgia fans and Bolin fans world wide.


1. The Grind
2. Crazed Fandango
3. People People 
4. Homeward Strut
5. Sooner Or Later
6. Bagitblues Deluxe
7. Spacey Noodles 
8. Lotus
9. Journey
10. Bolins Boogie (Bonus track)
11. Tommy's Got Da Blues
12. Some People Call Me (Bonus track)




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