Artist:  Bombay Black
   Title: Psycho Magnet
   Label: Kivel Records

So who are Bombay Black? Well they comprise Erik Johnson (lead vox, guitar and keys), Ty Sims (Bass, backing vox), “Devil” Jim Perry (lead guitar, backing vox) and Rob McCauley (drums, backing vox).  After releasing two previous excellent efforts, Mercy and Anger Management, the band have now released the Beau Hill produced Psycho Magnet and judging by the songs contained therein are continuing to. 

I’ve seen the band live on two previous occasions, the first was at the Firefest 3 pre-show where I was well and truly blown away by the band to such an extent that I bought the first two albums.  The second occasion has just taken place at Z Rock 2008 in Birmingham and once again these guys delivered the goods and more!!, they were the highlight of the weekend.  So what’s the album like then I hear you say. 

Well the album kicks off with 'The Ride' and after a subdued intro you’d better strap yourself in cos’ these boys take no prisoners.  Some fantastic heavy riffing from Erik and “Devil” Jim drive the song along.  The chorus is just so catchy, pounding drums and bass courtesy of Rob and Ty.  This is a standout track on the album.

Next up is 'Best Laid Plans', a power chord frenzy of guitars kicks this one off, the song just rocks, the pre-chorus has some melodic vocals, and the guitar solo burns.

The title track 'Psycho Magnet' follows starting off with guitar and keys.  The vocal delivery comes across almost staccato-like, another catchy chorus and some fret-burning from “Devil” Jim.

Then we’re onto 'Inflicted' with some thundering drums from Rob at the beginning before what sounds like 50 guitars kick in.  This song burns and the chorus has a 70’s vibe to it.

'Knock You Down' follows with Ty laying down some pounding bass lines to open the song before the guitars kick in and we’re foot-stomping our way through the song.

Next up is 'If Only', the power ballad of the album, with big guitars, big drums and some soaring vocals from Erik. A fantastic production from Beau Hill on this one.

The intro to 'SFCR', that's South Faulkner County Redline folks, brings to mind so many songs from the 80’s.  The chorus is pure Nightranger and listen closely to the bridge people, you’ll have a smile on your face a mile wide.

And then we’re onto 'Head Full Of Hate', the bass driving the intro until those power-chord guitars take over and 'Misery' has a slow burning groove to it, a grinding rocker with a great melodic chorus.

'Break Up Anthem' comes across like Green Day/Good Charlotte et al.  A punky style rocker with a catchy chorus and then we’re onto 'What You’re Doing To Me'.  Another song with a groove and some great vocal melodies.

Then it’s another standout track, 'The Last Time', a mid-tempo rocker, the chorus is instant.  Finishing off the album is the radio edit of 'The Ride' and other than it doesn’t feature the subdued intro the song is straight-ahead Rock n' Roll.  

Bombay Black aren't trying to reinvent the wheel, they're just taking their influences and channelling them into making great rock music. The album has an energy to it, the vocals have melody as well as an edge, the guitars are full-on in your face and the rythmn section nails down the backbeat.  This album builds on their previous efforts and thanks to a stellar production raises the bar (no pun intended) for the band.

*Review by Brassy


1 The Ride
2 Best Laid Plans
3 Psycho Magnet
4 Inflicted
5 Knock You Down
6 If Only
7 Sfcr
8 Head Full Of Hate
9 Misery
10 Break Up Anthem
11 What Your Doing To Me
12 The Last Time
13 The Ride (Bonus Track)


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