Artist:  Bon Jovi
   Title: Bounce
   Label: Island Records 

By now most of you will already be familiar with the first single off this album 'Everyday'. I'm not entirely sure why they decided that this track would be the first off the starting blocks other than perhaps it's so typically Bon Jovi that as soon as you hear it you know who it is instantly without having to be told.

This is another one of those albums I have to admit to not being too sure about the first couple of times I heard it. I used to love Bon Jovi before they went commercial. Living on a Prayer was the last album that I really enjoyed by them. Sure I've bought some of the albums in between then and now but I've been a bit more dubious of them.

The opening track 'Undivided' is a corking little number that got me drawn in enough to actually buy the album. Inspired perhaps by the September 11th disaster. Heavy guitars grind through it in a very modern sounding almost Creed like way. I actually favour this over the single 'Everyday'. It's strong powerful and one that will definitely feature strongly in their live sets no doubt.

The third track off the album 'The Distance' includes not only some great guitar work but also the added bonus of some orchestral backing. A brave thing for a rock band but hey it worked for Metallica and by hell it works for Bon Jovi on this album. The song is given more depth and certainly benefits from this welcome addition to it's sound.

'All About Lovin' You' breaks the album in half and brings the tempo to an almost stop. Why put this in the middle? If you had to include it why not tag it on the end? Not my cup of tea at all.

'Hook Me Up' - now this is much more like it. This is the Bon Jovi I crave. What a corker of a track, you gotta release this as a single guys it's stomper of a track. Tempo just right, big strong guitars, chorus's that really smash into the song. I love this one!!! 'Bounce' is another track that gets the blood pumping and sounds good enough to rock out to. It's bounds along in an almost anthem like mood that grabs you by the throat and tells you to join in.

So is it worth it then? Should you spend your money on this latest release from the band that have more money than we could ever imagine? Well if you like big soppy ballads then yes. There's more than a fair sprinkling of them on here and for a large part I could live without hearing any of them. Sorry guys but I have a need for a bit of life in my songs.

That said there was just enough tracks on this album with enough red blood in them to keep me from returning it to the store. I guess after a few more listens I'll get used to it. I can always skip through the slow ones.

1. Undivided
2. Everyday
3. The Distance
4. Joey
5. Misunderstood
6. All about lovin' You
7. Hook me Up
8. Right side of Wrong
9. Love me back to Life
10. You had me from Hello
11. Bounce
12. Open all Night



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