Artist:  Bonrud
   Title: Save Tomorrow
   Label: Escape Music

'Save Tomorrow' is the long await new album for multi-instrumentalist Paul Bonrud and powerhouse vocalist Rick Forsgren, together with drummer Paul Higgins, along with the keyboard skills of Richard Baker, Eric Ragno, and Dave Gross.

The album has been labeled as Melodic Rock but to me its just a great Rock album that mixes melodic elements with a harder edged guitar sound that ventures into the Metal genre from time to time.

Things get underway in emphatic style and pace with the storming ‘We Collide’, where we feel the full force of the guitars of Bonrud and powerhouse vocals of Forsgren.  This is a hell of an opener and really give you a feel of what this album is all about.

The big driven guitars of Bonrud lead the way on the excellent ‘Bullet In The Back’, where Forsgren unleashes a vocal attack that is second to none, the all guns blazing ‘American Dream’ is pure Hard Rock gold.  This is old school, big riffing guitars with a solid vocal and a great chorus.

It's to the more traditional Melodic Rock sound with the title track ‘Save Tomorrow’, with Forsgren showing what a vocal titan he is as he mixes power and poise, all this vocal might around that tight, rich guitar sound.

The tempo is brought right down with the haunting ‘Liquid Sun’, again Forsgren is just superb.  This is definitely one of my favourite tracks off the album.  The melodic rock vibe is continued with the up tempo rocker ‘I’d Do Anything’, before a little more edge is brought to proceedings with the riff fuelled ‘Last Sunrise’.

It's time to switch things round around with the melodic rocker ‘Torn Apart’, before the modern rocker ‘Blinded’.  Two great songs, both so different but equally impressive.  Then it’s over to the pop rocker ‘Dominoes’, a track that has a very 80’s feel to it, but still packs enough punch not to be out-shadowed by the rest of the album.

The album closes with two corkers, first it’s the mellow rocker ‘You’re The One’, before the album is rounded off with the sublime ‘End Of Days’, which ends off a great album that will once again put the name of Bonrud on the lips of Melodic Rock fans the world over.


1. We Collide
2. Bullet In The Back
3. American Dream
4. Save Tomorrow
5. Liquid Sun
6. I'd Do Anything
7. Last Sunrise
8. Torn Apart
9. Blinded
10. Dominoes
11. You're The One
12. End Of Days



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