Artist:  Book Of Reflections
   Title: Chapter II - Unfold The Future
   Label: Lion Music

Book of Reflections is the brainchild of Lars Eric Mattsson and features some of Lion Music’s utmost vocal talent, with both Bjorn Jansson of Tears of Anger and Martin LeMar off Tomorrows Eve, both laying down three vocal tracks each.  Combined with Mattsson providing the remaining vocals, also featured on this quite outstanding album are Mistheria, who lends his keyboard talents to the fold, and Anand Mahangoe of Sphere of Souls, who provides addition guitars, and last but not least, long time collaborator with Mattsson the infamous drumming prowess of Eddie Sledgehammer.

The album opens up with Jansson taking up the vocal mantel on the title track ‘Unfold The Future’.  A real storming track that gets the album started with it's heavy but progressive sound, abetted by some thunderous drums from Sledgehammer and with the high octane vocals of Jansson, all go to make this a great way to get things underway.

The album continues with LeMar taking up the lead for ‘Bringer of the Torch’, another power infested track, though not as full on as the opener, the progressive metal feel still remains and highlights LeMar’s soulful vocals.

It’s all change on the vocal front once again as this time Mattsson shows he can sing as well as play guitar, bass and keyboards.  With ‘Free My Soul’ his has a more up-tempo rocker that goes for the jugular from the off, a rampaging mix of swirling keys and a rhythm section to die for.

After the last track things slow down a touch with once again Mattsson on vocals for the haunting symphony that is ‘Heal Me’.  A more reflective track that paves the way to the return to the vocals of Jansson for the mystic Eastern tones of ‘Uncover The Lie’, a real power metal mix of gypsy violins and the more contemporary metal tones.  A real mixed bag on this one and the added keyboards of Mistheria add to the eclectic mix.

We return to the real progressive metal with the excellent ‘Ashes To Ashes’, another full assault on the senses with the added bonus of some superb solos from both Mattsson and Mistheria.

The album takes another breather from the heavier side of progressive metal as it unveils another layer with the hard rock tones of ‘Make Sure You Don’t Fail’, which once again feature some fantastic keyboards by Mistheria.

The more progressive metal purists with just love ‘Deep Inside’ with its mix of thumping bass and soaring keyboards.  This track has it in abundance and Mattsson’s vocals on this one reminds me a little of a certain Jorn Lande.

The album once again introduces an additional twist with the acoustic ‘Blink of an Eye’, a real rose in this field of progressive metal.  But this is just a short interlude as things once again gently pick up with ‘Got To Get Low’, a more subdued track while still retaining the progressive mindscape of the entire album.

The gentle feel continues with the album closer ‘Love Conquers All’, a real slow burner of a track that rounds of a real gem of an album.


1. Unfold The Future
2. Bringer Of The Torch
3. Free My Soul
4. Heal Me
5. Uncover The Lie
6. Ashes To Ashes
7. Make Sure You Don't Fall
8. Deep Inside
9. Blink Of An Eye
10. Got To Get Low
11. Love Conquers All



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