Artist:  Michael Bormann
   Title: Capture The Moment
   Label: RMB Records

This is the 3rd solo album from Michael Bormann whose previous bands have included Jaded Heart, Redrum, Rain, Zeno, Bloodhound and Charade, plus he also did some demoís with Bonfire in the early 90ís.  This is my first hit of Mr Bormann and considering he has written, produced, mixed and mastered the whole thing he has come with the goods. 

On first listen though I did feel left a little wanting but the more I played this album the more obvious it became that this was a strong set of tunes.  There are 14 tracks on here and the majority are of the mid-tempo variety and the album could have done with a few punchy up-tempo tunes just to balance things out a little.

Michael has assembled a fine set of musicians to help him with this project.  We have journeyman keyboard player Eric Ragno and guest appearances from Sonja Rippelmeier (vocals), Edenbridge members Sabine Edelsbacher (vocals) and Lanvall (guitars) and Man of a Thousand Albums, Tommy Denander (guitars, bass and keyboards). 

So, first up is 'When Push Comes To Shove', a slow to mid-tempo number, featuring a Def Lepp 'High Ďní Dry'/'Pryromania' style chorus.  'Friends For A Lifetime' has a harder drum and guitar sound and reminded me of Gotthard.  A catchy tune with another melodic chorus.

'Come Take Me Higher' has a contemporary feel to it at the beginning.  Another mid-tempo with MB doing a great Joe Elliot moody vocal performance.  'Live Your Life' is up next and the tempo picks up a bit here bringing Gotthard to mind again.

The big ballad of the album, 'I Wanna Hear Your Voice', MB puts his heart and soul into this one, soaring melodies and moody vocal combine on this one.  Next up is 'Halfway Down', veering between mid to up-tempo and keyboards aplenty.

'I Will Hold The Line', starts of with keyboards before the guitars kick in.  MB provides a lovely raspy vocal and a big chorus.  'Love Is Magic' is another ballad with an instant chorus and some perfect AOR vocals.

'Glory And Pain' keeps the consistency going and is a fine melodic rock song with a catchy chorus, I found myself humming this a few days later.

Then itís 'Donít Bother Me'.  Now I didn't have a breakdown of who was playing on what song but Iím sure the duet vocals are supplied by Sonja Rippelmeir and guitars by Lanvall. This is a standout track on here, up-tempo with a big guitar sound and an altogether harder sound.  More of this next time around Michael!

'Doing Or Not' is another harder edged song with a bit of a groove, great vocal from MB but the chorus isnít as immediate.  'Still Havenít Found It' is another ballad with another fine raspy vocal from MB.

'For Just A Little While' picks up the beat.  This is one of those songs that seems to coast along.  Finishing the album off is 'Go Going Gone' a simplistic, acoustic guitar driven song with a great vocal performance from MB. 

This was an album that took a few listens to appreciate but there are some fine songs on here.  Michael Bormann hasnít come up with anything novel here but the songs are strong with a production to match.  Michael deserves mucho kudos for practically taking this project on single-handedly. Thereís melodies, soaring vocals, big choruses, beefy guitars and a big bed of keyboards all held together with a fine production.

*Review by Brassy


1 When Push Comes To Shove
2 Friends For A Lifetime
3 Come Take Me Higher
4 Live Your Life
5 I Wanna Hear Your Voice
6 Half Way Down
7 I Will Hold The Line
8 Love Is Magic
9 Glory And Pain
10 Don't Bother Me
11 Doing Or Not
12 Still Haven't Found It
13 For Just A Little While
14. Go Going Gone



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