Artist:  Edward Box
   Title: Moonfudge
   Label: Lion Music 

'Moonfudge' is the second solo guitar release from UK guitarist Edward Box.  Originally hailing from Cumbria but now living in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, Edward is regarded as one of the regions leading guitar gurus.

This new album follows his debut solo release 'Plectrumhead' in 2003, taking material gathered over the ensuing three years between albums.  ‘Moonfudge’ once again display Box’s passion for the guitar without going into over the top shredding mode and sticking to intricate subtle melodies and riffs.

With 'Plectrumhead' Box’s early influences like George Lynch, Schenker, Vai and Satriani were ever present, but with this new album he has developed his own sound.

The album opens up with ‘Jack In The Box’, a track that gently unwinds into a flurry of hard rock guitar that isn’t as pretentious as other guitar albums I’ve heard.  Box leaves his ego firmly on the back burner and just plays good guitar with great melodies.

Box tries things from a different angle with the harder grinding guitar sound on the appropriately named ‘Welcome To The Grindhouse’.

The same melodic hard rock styled riffs that are found on the first track on the album are again present on ‘Axis Of Evil’.  Things take a stroll a more gentler road with the atmospheric ‘Hourglass’, a real mellow song that reminds me of hot summer nights watching the sun go down over a calm sea as the last glimpse of sun passes over the horizon and the sky is filled with a red and yellow glow the last glimmer of the day gone by.

The album continues with the same degree of subtle unrelenting melodic riffs with the likes of ‘Stanton’s Stomp’, which is a reworking of a vocal track by Box’s old band Arch Stanton and the rockier ‘Trailblazer’, a riff that Box had back in 1992/93, which finally sees the light of day.

Things slow down once more for ‘Downstream’ as Box takes up both the acoustic and electric guitar for this one.  A great blend of both styles that strangely compliment each other on this track and as the track unfolds it builds into quite a awesome piece of music.

Box shows his also has a great feel for the harder side of rock with the excellent ‘Pasadena’ and the rocker ‘Reverse Polarity’.

But it’s the excellent ‘Big Screen Love Song’ that is where Box really shines.  This could have been an really pretentious track with lots of outrageous shredding, but instead it is wonderfully soulful track were Box just lets his fingers magically caress the fret board and what comes out is simply world class.

This album is a real credit to a man who will make a lasting impression on the guitar-playing world over the coming months.  


1. Jack in a Box
2. Welcome to the Grindhouse
3. Axis of Evil
4. Hourglass
5. Stanton's Stomp
6. Trailblazer
7. Downstream 
8. Pasadena
9. Reverse the Polarity
10. Big screen love Theme



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