Artist:  Brainstorm
   Title: Firesoul
   Label: AFM Records

With over 25 years at the top of the Power Metal genre, Germany’s Brainstorm are back with their trademark dark edged Metal with their new opus ‘Firesoul’.

This new album takes up exactly where their 2011 album 'On the Spur of the Moment’ left off, with Andy Franck leading the charge from the front with his masterful metal vocal might, while twin guitars of founder Torsten Ihlenfeld and Milan Loncaric unleash six string hell, and the thunderous rhythm section of Antonio Leva and Dieter Bernert on bass and drums, respectively deliver a back- beat that will rock the very foundations.

The album opens up with the impressive attack on the senses ‘Erased By The Dark’, with Franck bringing the heat from the off, with that Halfordesque power of his, but without the scream.

The title track ‘Firesoul’ is more riff based and Ihlenfeld and Loncaric really go for the jugular.  The heat of the opener and riff building  of the title track are united on the massive ‘Descendants of the Fire’, before things are brought down a touch with the more Melodic Metal feel of ‘Entering Solitude’ and the impressive ‘Recall The Real’.

It's back to the full out Power Metal assault with the riffing frenzy that is ‘Shadowseeker’ and the licktastic ‘Feed Me Lies’ with its surprise underlying keyboards just out of earshot, but if listen out you can hear them during the chorus.

'What Grows Inside' is pure Brainstorm t its very core.  This is as dark as it is deep.  A thunderous double bass drum drives this one, then it's back to the more melodic metal side of things for ‘The Chosen’, before closing with the equally melodic ‘...And I Wonder’, which has a Queensryche vibe about it, if they were heavier.

Once again the band deliver the goods on all levels, but be warned, there is a storm coming your way to set a fire in your very soul.

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. Erased By The Dark 
2. Firesoul
3. Descendants Of The Fire
4. Entering Solitude
5. Recall The Real
6. Shadowseeker
7. Feed Me Lies
8. What Grows Inside
9. The Chosen
10. ... And I Wonder



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