Artist:  Brave New World
   Title: Monsters
   Label: Lion Music

Originally released back in the mid 90's without much success, but now Lion Music have seen right prevail and re-released this hidden gem.

With a little known guitarist at the time one Pat Heath now of Vaughn ripping out some very rememberable riffs and the vocals of Rick Cartey sounding very much like Corrie Glover of Living Color at times.  This mixed with the very capable drumming of Tommy Folstadl and some fantastic keyboards of Cris Playle, against the hard bass lines of Stu Brown.

The album opens up with the fantastic ‘Knife In My Back’ which just rocks.  The rest of the album isn’t bad either.  With the likes of ‘Arabia’, a track full of eastern promise (sorry I couldn’t help myself), and ‘I Want You’ that shows just what a quality guitarist Pat Heath was, and very much still is.

The quality of this album highlights what a state the music industry was in at the time.  When an album of this quality just falls into obscurity you know times really were tough back then.  But hopefully this re-release of the album will put the record straight for Brave New World. 


1. Knife in my Back
2. Arabia
3. Strange Days
4. I want You
5. Dreams never Die
6. Walls come Down
7. All the Heroes
8. The other Side
9. (Into the) Age of Chaos



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