Artist:  Breed 77
   Title: La Ulitima Hora
   Label: Albert Productions

I'm going to hold my hands up on this one because Breed 77 are a band I have stayed clear of for many years, simply because they were Kerrang darlings. I wrongly thought they'd be all noise and no substance. A band that appealed to the underage kids who knew no better and were just happy to get into a gig without having to pretend they were 5 years older than they actually were.

When this CD landed in my lap I cringed and thought, bloody hell, what am I supposed to do with this then? And then I put in on my CD player Oh my! They weren't a bit like what I thought they'd sound like. Sure they look a bit scary and menacing on the back cover, but the music, oh the music! What a delight to my ears.

Skillfully crafting together rhythmically catchy metal songs with a strong Eastern influence I just couldn't get enough of it. Who knows, perhaps it's because I wanted to grab my coin scarf and shimmy it for all I was worth. It stirred emotions inside me that I hadn't felt for a long time, emotions that had lay dormant for too long. I felt the belly dancer in me reborn again. I'd really love to see this band use a belly dancer, all be it a rock orientated belly dancer, in one of their videos. Their music simply begs for it. And no, before you smile to yourself, I am not offering my services up for that part. But I do know it would make for a cracking video to have the band performing live and this exotic looking rock belly dancer doing her stuff in the background.

It's easy to see why the band have amassed such a huge following across Europe. Having just finished a 24-date tour of the UK with Kill II This, I have no doubt that they'll have seen their fan base swell even more.

Performing in front of large audiences is something that the band have become accustomed to over the years. Having performed in front of 25,000 Portuguese rock fans at the Parades De Coura festival last summer. The video footage of their performance of their song 'Floods' at that festival can be found on this very EP, and very exhilarating it looks too. Now there's a band video that makes you eager to catch them live. Just look at all those lighters in the audience swaying back and forth as the band perform. That must have been so exciting to be a part of that festival. Not only to witness the band from a fans point of view out in the audience, but also from a bands perspective, to look out and see a sea of fans really enjoying your music. Hundreds of tiny lighter flames reaching out in the darkness as far as the eye can see.

'La Ultima Hora' (the final hour), is most definitely a metal track in every sense of the genre. It's heavy; it proves a flurry of emotions and should appeal to both young metallers, as well as the older rockers who have embraced Audioslave and Zwan. Sure Breed 77 don't sound like Audioslave, but they do have that certain something that makes them commercially attractive to the more seasoned rock/metal fans out that that demand quality not quantity from their bands.

'Calling Out' is a dead cert to appeal to the hungry hoards of Creed, Nickelback and Staind fans out there. Perhaps the band would be more widely appreciated by the wider rock/metal community if they toured with a band such as these? Having caught the Nickleback tour at the end of last year I know 200% that the crowd there had would have lapped this band and their music up big style.

Call them Metal, call them Rock, call them Nu-Breed, call them whatever you will. Breed 77 have produced a high quality and commercially attractive package with this EP. Thanks to the new digital age we live in not only do you get three cracking songs on here, you also get the video to the new song 'La Ultima Hora', as well as the live concert footage for 'Floods'.

You are now looking at the latest convert to the Breed 77 fan base. I love the Eastern influences they have running through their songs. I love the flamenco-sounding guitar, which sits nicely alongside the blistering heavier guitar sections. But most of all I simply adore lead singer Paul Isola's hypnotizing voice. It's on songs like 'Floods' that he really does get to explore the softer dreamy side of his vocal range as well as to show plenty of passion and fury. I could imagine some Foo Fighter fans getting into this song quite easily.

I still think the band look scary though, and I think they automatically lose a lot of potential fans by touring with the types of bands that do tend attract a younger audience. However, if the music press and television show the video to this new song then perhaps the older fans out there will learn to appreciate them the same way I did.

In future I will most likely go to see this band in action, but then again it all depends on who they're playing with and whether they are headlining or just the support act. As a headliner they would be well worth seeing. Failing that some nice festival slots wouldn't go amiss.

One last word on the songs off this EP. If you do check it out, and I sincerely hope you do, then flick between the opening riffs of La Ultima Hora and Calling Out. Am I the only one that thinks they are so similar they would very easily be the self same song? Perhaps it's just my ears playing tricks on me, but if I heard either one of these songs being played in a club, I could quite easily be confused as to which song they were playing until it got going. Obviously once they get started properly you can tell quite easily which one it is, but that opening segment of the songs does sound incredibly similar to me. I'll leave you all to make your own mind up about that one though.


1. La Ultima Hora (the final hour)
2. Calling Out (demo)
3. Floods
4. La Ultima Hora (video)
5. Floods (Live Paredes de Coura festival 2002 - video)





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