Artist:  Breed 77d
   Title: Shadows/Breaking The Silence
   Label: Albert Productions

The soul factor that makes Breed 77 such a refreshing change from the current number of young bands out there is their varied musical influences.  There seem to be way too many bands out there desperately trying to latch on to the latest fad or sound like the next big thing, only to fall foul as they fail to make their own mark on the music industry.  They all just seem to fade away into the distance when something new hits the scene.

This however certainly can't be said about Breed 77, who with this latest release, throw caution to the wind and have put together two very catchy tracks.  Their use of Spanish flamenco guitars is quite a masterstroke.

'Shadows' has such a catchy up-tempo beat that it will soon have you reaching for those castanets and stomping your feet to those gorgeous Latino style guitars.  Where as 'Breaking the Silence' is a much more sombre track, while still retaining that Spanish guitar sound.

Both tracks are well produced and show the diversity of the band.  They have stuck to their guns and show that they aren't about to head off into the mass over-produced sounds that many of these new bands seem to be doing.  Good on them I say.  This single is well worth checking out.


1. Shadows
2.  Breaking The Silence



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