Artist:  Bride 
   Title: Skin For Skin
   Label: Retroactive Records

Another band to sweep the anoles of time aside and flex their metal muscles once more are Christian Metallers ‘Bride’.  It’s been some 20 years since the band first broke onto the scene and with their latest release ‘Skin For Skin’, the band prove they haven’t lost any of their passion or vigour for all that is metal.

This new album sees the classic line-up of Dale Thompson (vocals), Troy Thompson (guitar) and Lawrence Bishop (bass), with guest appearances by Jason Lewis and Mark Gray on drums. This album also sees the return of Steve Osborne to the Bride fold as he once again brings his virtuoso guitar playing to a Bride CD. 

The album is full of raw energy brought about by the mighty vocals of D Thompson along with the incredible guitars of T Thompson and Osborne and the might bass tones of Bishop adding another dimension with its heady thumping tones.

After the intro ‘The Calm’, the storm really comes our way with the title track ‘Skin For Skin’ as Dale unleashes a mighty vocal assault along with the titanic bass of Bishop, this opener sets the mood and pace for the rest of the album.

The album is no holds barred metal with its emphasis put on the likes of Addiction, Racism, War Sacrifice and Love as well as many other issues, with the likes of the hard hitting ‘End Of Days’, the punishing metal of ‘Take The Medication’ and the pummelling tones of ‘Hard To Kick’, to name but a few.

This album has it all for the metal fans.  It's hard hitting and contains a lot of reverent messages for the youth of today to follow. Who said the devil has the best tunes? Bride have taken the bull by the horns and are about to show the world that metal has a voice and you don’t have to be an atheist to rock n' roll.

Highlight of the album for me has to be the outstanding ‘Fuel And Fire’, this is where Osborne shows his mastery of all things metal with some quite outstanding fret work, along with the quite sublime vocals of D Thompson.

If you like your metal hard and fast with all the trimmings then you can't do any worse than check out this album as it mixes guitar wizardry with a raucous rhythm section and a vocalist that can wake the dead.


1 The Calm
2 Skin For Skin
3 End Of Days
4 Take The Medication
5 Inside Ourselves
6 Hard To Kick
7 Fuel And Fire
8 Breathless
9 Prodigious Savant
10 Bang Goodbye
11 Rise Above
12 The Government
13 Super Ego Star
14 Hang On


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