Artist:  Brides of Destruction
   Title: Runaway Brides
   Label: Mascot Records

With the reformation of Motley Crue it left a lot of both the fans and music press alike wondering what would become of the Brides. Would they be left at the altar or would they continue without Nikki Sixx?

The answer is the latter.  After rumours that Ginger from the Wildhearts had joined them, and later been sacked as quickly as he had been hired, the future seemed uncertain for the band.

But seemingly unshaken by the fact that Mr. Sixx had gone back to the Crue, it was time for co-founder Tracci Guns to take the reins, and together with vocalist London LeGrande, and drummer Scot Coogan, they've recruited former Amen bass player Scott Sorry to step into Sixx's shoes.

What with a new record deal and a whole bunch of new songs, the Brides of Destruction once more entered the studio. The result of their endeavours is the outstanding 'Runaway Brides', a collection of some of the finest sleaze ridden rock n roll I've heard for a long time.

After the intro strangely titled 'Aunt Biente', it's straight down to business with 'Lord of the Mind'. A track that carries on where the debut album left off with the vocals of LeGrande being one of the most outstanding aspects of the band. He has all the swagger and stature that a front man should have and Tracii Guns guitar has never sounded so good, well not since the first tow La Guns albums at least.

With tracks like 'Dead Mans Ruin' ripping it up like a Sunset Strip whore, it's great to hear a band not adhering to the rock that is spewed out by the so called radio stations of today, but rather sticking to their own beliefs and doing what they do best, down n' dirty rock n roll, while also diversifying by putting a little change of tempo and style into the album.

The track 'Criminal' is one such track that delves into the dark melodic song writing abilities of the band something that was very apparent on the first album and the band have continued on this new album.

The tracks vary in style throughout the album with the heavy down beats of 'This Time' and 'Brothers' to the tongue and cheek lyrics of the single 'White Trash'.

The fact that the album doesn’t suffer from the absence of Nikki Sixx is a credit to the rest of the band, who have grown stronger as a unit and put together a very impressive release. Let's hope some tour dates to accompany the release are put together soon.


1. Aunt Biente
2. Lord Of The Mind
3. Dead Mans Run
4. Criminal
5. This Time Around
6. White Trash
7. Brothers
8. Never Say Never
9. Blown Away
10. Porcelain Queen
11. White Horse
12. Tunnel Of Love
13. Dimes In Heaven



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