Artist:  Bridger
   Title: Bridger
   Label: Escape Music

The Melodic and Hard Rock genre may not be seen as popular music with the media, but the depth of talent in the genre is second to none.  New and exciting talents are keeping the scene going, as well as established artists bringing their A-game forward album after album.  When these two combine it's like the scene has a much stronger future than some would like to give it credit for.

So let me welcome into the fold Glen Bridger, who along with Terry Ilous aim to bring the US anthemic rock scene back to the masses with their new band Bridger and this their self-titled debut release.

Joining Bridger and Ilous are Greg Manahan on bass, Danzoid on drums and Sam McCaslin on keyboards, as well as a whole host of guest players for an album that covers all the bases, if you're into great Melodic and Hard Rock.  There is even a tribute to the legend that was Ronnie James Dio included on here.

The album kicks off with ‘Tuesday Afternoon’ and from the off Ilous makes his presence felt with this modern slice of melody rich rock.  Bridger shows he’s not too shabby on the old guitar front either, as he fires out some impressive licks on this opening track.

The modern guitar orientated hard rock continues with the excellent ‘How Long’, upon which Ilous produces another fine vocal, before the tempo is brought down with the bluesy ballad ‘On The Ledge’, before bringing it back up with a bang with the ballsy riff fuelled ‘Don’t Push Me’.

The album switches back to the more gentle modern vibe rock with the haunting melodies of ‘Without A Sound’, then it's back to what can only be described as the traditional Melodic Rock with the funky rocker ‘Free’.  A real summertime rocker to listen too with a few chilled ones and a few close friends.

Another of the more gentile moments off the album comes with ‘Live For The Moment’.  A semi-acoustic number with Bridger bringing in a touch of Spanish guitar to this refined ballad, before picking it up just a touch with ‘Good To Be Home’, during which Ilous showcases perfectly just what a powerhouse vocal talent he is, even on the gentle ballads.

The tempo is picked up big style with the thumping rocker ‘Gonna Get Better’, then brought back down with the stunning ballad ‘Once In A Lifetime’, before the bands tribute to Ronnie James Dio with their own rendition of the classic ‘Heaven And Hell’.  A real modern twist on this Sabbath classic that I love, many may not but I remember the wise words of one Tony Mills of TNT who stated, that if you are going to to do a cover then be sure to make it your own, and Bridger certainly do that with this one.  As one of my favourite Sabbath and Dio songs I must agree, why do it straight up if you can add a twist without being disrespectful?  This version is just that, a great twist on the classic and wraps up what is a great album that is as diverse as it is eclectic.  After hearing this debut I for one can't wait for the second album!


1. Tuesday Afternoon
2. How Long
3. On the Ledge
4. Don’t Push Me
5. Without a Sound
6. Free
7. Live for the Moment
8. Good to be Home
9. Gonna Get Better
10. Once in a Lifetime
11. Heaven and Hell (tribute to Ronnie James Dio)





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