Artist:  Britton
   Title: Rock Hard - 20th Anniversary Edition
   Label: Z Rock Records

In the Melodic and Hard Rock community there are numerous bands that didnít get the recognition they deserved in the late 80's, with many bands just coming into their own around the impact of Grunge.  Record labels were suddenly deserting bands for the latest trend and one band that fell into that category are Britton. The band led by Michael Britton and Jim McMellen along with Skip Frank, Patrick Schunk and Gary Holland were the epitome of the scene at that time, with great music invoked with great melodies and big hooks and in Britton a fine vocal suited to the scene, powerful yet melody laden.

It's hard to imagine itís been twenty years since to band's 'Rock Hard' album was first release in 1988, but thatís exactly how long itís been.   So to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the album, 'Rock Hard' has been re-mastered and re-released with not just the original tracks but also some bonus tracks.  All in all totaling some twenty tracks of pure 80's melodic rock.

With some great moments like ĎHold Oní, ĎBring On The Bodyí and ĎRock Hardí to name but a few, this is a real nostalgic look back at the scene when it dominated the world of rock.  For those not familiar with the band it's also a great introduction to Britton.

This release also includes sleeve notes from Michael and Jim as they reflect on their time with the band and the scene.  This is great album to bump up your collection and hopefully this will lead to the band other albums being re-released also.  Anyway, where can you get twenty great rock tracks on one disc nowadays?


01.Hold On (single version)
02.Heart So Lonely
03.Living On The Red Line (bonus track)

04.Drinking & Driving (bonus track
05.Over The Edge (bonus track)
06.Mystery To Me
07.Name The Time (bonus track)
08.Demons In My Head
09.Sheís My Lady
10.She Lights The Fire
11.On Top And Read 12. Rock Hard (bonus
13.Itís Just A Game You Play
14.Lee Ann
15.Donít Wanna Be Your Fool (bonus track)
16.Time And Distance
17.Keeper Of The Flame
18.Youíre The One (bonus track)
19.Bring On The Body (bonus track)
20.Hold On (original version) (bonus track)



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