Artist:  Broadzilla
   Title: Lady Luck
   Label: Diamond Star Records

Broadzilla hail from Detroit and deliver a sound that does Rock City proud. The trio of Rachel May (Vocals and Guitar), Kim Essiambre (Bass and Backing Vocals), and Angie Manly (Drums) are three no holds barred rock chicks that have the talent to go far.

Having opened up for the likes of The Deftones, White Stripes, Joan Jett, L7, Helicopters, The Goo Goo Dolls, Skid Row, and a great many more, they are not afraid of hard work to get their music heard. The obvious sound-alike would be a mix of Girlschool meets Courtney Loves band Hole. They combine raunchy good looks with bucket loads of sassy attitude and the result is simply delicious.

The opening track ‘Ecstasy’ is a fine example of the high octane rock n’ roll that runs throughout the rest of this album. Catchy riffs brought home with a pounding drum beat and killer vocals.

This is a take no prisoners sort of album that will knock down anybody trying to get in its way. They even take the original Detroit 70’s sound apart when they include their very own rendition of The Supremes ‘Love Child’

When you hear such lyrics as …’I wouldn’t piss down your throat if your lungs were on fire’… and …’still hung over from the night before, you won’t be done till you hit the floor and I sit and watch you turning blue’… What can I say except these girls are trailer trash bitches with more attitude and the biggest balls of steel you’ll probably ever come across. They mean business and with this album they certainly deliver just that.


1. Ecstasy
2. Liquor Snatch
3. Diamond Sex Goddess
4. Y Did U Have 2B Psycho?
5. High Society
6. Sacred Heart Song
7. Lady Luck
8. On The Run
9. Stargazer
10. Four: Twenty
11. Love Child
12. Burn Baby Burn!
13. Lucky Thirteen
14. Liquor Snatch – Detroit Techno Remix (bonus track)



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