Artist: Brutal Deluxe 
   Title: Wall of Damage
   Label: Chimerical Records

'Wall of Damage' is the third release from Metal heads Brutal Deluxe (Apt Name) and straight away the band come out of the blocks with a full head of steam.  After the short intro ‘Low Ride’ it's all steam ahead with the title track ‘Wall Of Damage’, a mammoth assault on the senses with Christian D.Lux firing out the massive metal licks, all the while the tenacious back beat of Johnny D, Brutal and Guary MacSeanlaoic pull no punches.

The band have been pinned with the Pantera label, yes there are elements of them about the band but the band are able to make that unique virtue that most bands fail to do and this is to have their own sound.

The no holds barred metal assault continues with ‘All Things Meaningless’, again a heady back beat dominates the air with armour piercing riffs once again being provided by D.Lux and choral part is just an amazing addition to the track.

It's big riffs once more with the intro into ‘Drop The Bomb’, but this is just the intro the multi-layered slice of metal throw more curve balls than the New York Yankee’s.  The multi faceted nature of the track is just a joy to listen to.  There is more structure in this track than most bands entire catalogue.

There are a few sedate moments on the album like ‘Blind Love’, a real classy track that has melody upon melody thrown into the mix.  Then it's all guns blazing once more with ‘Divide the Enemy’ before switching once more with fantastic old school metal of ‘Iconoclast’, a real meat and bones metal track that will go down well with the puritans amongst you.

There is also a dark side to Brutal Deluxe and this is felt with the almost gothic tones of ‘Mother Morphine’, before the band introduce a touch of Spanish guitar into the mix on the excellent instrumental ‘Nailbreaker’.  This one acts as an intro to ‘Break My Bones’, which starts off with the same Flamenco guitar before unleashing a torrent of metal guitars and head on bass and drum lines.  This is more Breed 77 than Pantera, which is all good in my book.

The band throw in a little Eastern Promise with the stunning g ‘Get ‘em Alive’, again a very diverse mix of styles that work remarkably well.  The band go down the Breed 77 line once again with this one  before bringing the real heavy vibe back up with the thumping ‘Temple Of The Dog’, then it's heavy bass lines ahoy with the massive ‘Even Pieces’.

The album closes with ‘Crime & Punishment’, a real power infused slice of modern metal that closes off an album that reinvents Metal as we know it.  A really refreshing change to hear a band that put so much into one album.  There are none of those growling, almost incoherent vocals, this is a real classy metal album that will appeal to anyone who wants to hear someone take Metal to the next level. 


01. Low Ride
02. Wall Of Damage
03. All Things Meaningless
04. Drop The Bomb 05. Blind Love
06. Divide the Enemy
07. Iconoclast
08. Mother Morphine
09. Nailbreaker
10. Break My Bones
11. Get 'em Alive
12. Temple of the Dog
13. Even Pieces
14. Crime & Punishment



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