Artist:  Bullets And Octane
   Title: Laughing In The Face Of Failure
   Label: Bullets and Octane LLC / Global Music Group

Well you can’t beat two for the price of one and that's just what Californian Punksters Bullets And Octane are doing with the latest double album 'Laughing In The Face Of Failure'.

This double CD package showcases perfectly the bands earlier albums 'Song For The Underdog' and 'Bullets And Octane', which have previously remained unreleased outside the US.  Now for the very first time they are available here in the UK.

Both albums are a must for fans of the band, who deliver their own brand of fuel injected pop punk to the masses.  Both albums show the variants that make this particualr band one of the most exciting bands to come out of Southern California in recent years.

A unique view of the world through the eyes of the band is felt through both albums with such classic Octane moments like ‘Breakout’ ‘The Perfect Bitch’ the excellent ‘Song For The Underdog’, the groove filled ‘Building A Legend’ and that’s just off the 'Song For The Underdog' album.

There more of the same high energy rock n' roll on ‘Bullets And Octane’ starting with the opener ‘Never Going Down’, the anthemic ‘Bang Bang’, the pulsating rocker ‘Under My Thumb’ and my favourite off this disc the pumping rock of ‘It’s A Cemetery Song’.

As I said before this is a must buy for those of you who are into full on no hold barred rock n' roll and with the band returning to these shore in support of Wednesday 13's latest band Gunfire 76, these are gonna be some wild shows for sure.  You have been warned!



Disc 1:
1. Breakout
2. The Perfect Bitch
3. City Of Angels
4. Song For The Underdog
5. Building A Legend
6. I Caught Fire
7. Harder To Breathe
8. Gravestone Love
9. Welcome To Our Holiday
10. Sweet Angel
11. All Down Hill From Here
12. My Heart Is An Empire
13. Everyone's In Love With Me 


Disc 2:
1. Never Going Down
2. Bang Bang
3. I'm Alive
4. Under My Thumb
5. Dark Lights
6. Devil On The Radio
7. Black Painting
8. It's A Cemetery Song
9. The Underground
10. Skull
11. Pirates 2009
12. Chemicals
13. Murder Maria







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