Artist:  Burn
   Title: Global Warning
   Label: Formula One Records

With the re-emergence of some of the classic 80's - 90's rock bands seemingly in full flow, Burn can add their name to the list with the release of this classy heavy yet melodic rock album, a more "in your face" offering than past attempts from this band from Leicestershire.

Along with the power-chords, driving riffs and a thumping rhythm section, Jeff Ogden's powerful voice gives life to each song, but this is definitely not a light-hearted album and I think someone in the band may have been watching a lot of BBC24 news to get the inspiration for some of the songs with tracks like 'Shadows Of The Satellites' and 'Dangerous Times' edging on the eco-political theme, and what "love" songs there are aren't the usual boy meets girl and falls in love, but the grey area of lost love and lack of trust as in 'Forgive Me', all something the average easy going rock fan may find hard to swallow.

There's definitely a hint of Bon Jovi on a couple of the songs mainly due to the keyboards, like on 'Pray For Rain' and especially 'Give Me Tonight', the most radio friendly song on the CD and has single written all over it, so it's just a pity that the way radio and the media is being run these days there wouldn't be a chance to hear it over the airwaves, but it's a fine way to finish off a cracking album that deserves to (hopefully) sell well.

* Review by Bob.


1. Shadow Of The Satellites
2. Dangerous Times
3. Forgive Me
4. Down In Flames 
5. Meltdown
6. Made That Way
7. Pray For Rain 
8. In Another Lifetime
9. Weight Of Expectation
10. I Don't Mind 
11. Give Me Tonight



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