Artist:  Burning Point
   Title: Empyre
   Label: Metal Heaven

Following on from the bands 'Burned Down The Enemy' Pete Ahonen returns with his band for another massive metal album.  This is the bands fourth album and their second on Metal Heaven and this new lease of life from the band has continued into this album.

‘Empyre’ is once again a blistering metal release with Ahonen at his vocal best, for a big guy he sure has a great voice for metal, and with Pekka Kolivuori adding the second guitar wizardry as on the last album the band are on to a winner.

But two makes a duet and not a band and with Jussi Ontero (drums), Jukka Jokikokko (bass) and Pasi Hiltula (keyboards) the band is complete and they set about delivering an album of earth shattering proportions.

The album opens up with the Godfather theme before thundering along with the title track ‘Empyre’.  There is a touch of the concept album about this release even though it's not.  The album flows like a concept release and this mostly due to the bands impeccable musicianship and above all Ahonen’s towering vocals as he comes across like a heavier version of Geoff Tate, so I guess that where the concept like reference comes from.

The towering metal comes in bucket loads as the album continues with the riff inspired ‘Maniac Merry-Go-Round” and the thumping Priest like ‘Face The Truth’.  But one of highlights of the album has to be the superb ‘Fools Parade’, this is a killer track that catches you from the very first chords and keeps you there until the last. This is a great track and once again shows the diversity of Ahonen’s magnificent vocals.

This album defines the Melodic Metal genre it has it all towering twin guitars, a pummelling drum beat and a heady bass vibe and most of all a frontman who towers over everything else an really makes and album.

Things continue in similar vane with the excellent ‘Was It Me’, the sublime ‘Wall Of Stone’ and the hammering metal of ‘Sacrifice’, all top notch Metal tracks in my view and all have that I wanna hear these vibe you know good on album but massive live.

With the album almost at a close you’d think that you’ve heard the best from the band but no there is even better to come with the likes of ‘Cruel World’ and ‘Only The Wrong Will Survive’, while sandwiched between those two is my favourite track off the album, the riff laden ‘Blinded By The Darkness’.  A true pure-bred Metal anthem.

This is a must buy album if you got ‘Burned Down The Enemy’ and also if your into true Metal this one is one album that will make its mark in 09 for sure.


1. Intro (The Godfather theme)
2. Empyre
3. Manic Merry-Go-Round
4. Face The Truth
5. Fool's Paradise
6. Was It Me
7. Walls Of Stone
8. Sacrifice
9. Cruel World
10. Blinded By The Darkness
11. Only The Wrong Will Survive



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