Artist:  Burning Point
   Title: Burned Down The Ememy
   Label: Metal Heaven

'Burned Down the Enemy' is the third release from Finish metallers Burning Point and the bands debut on new label Metal Heaven.  It finds the band bringing forth an altogether heavier sound than their two previous albums.  Although the album isn’t all full on metal as the title may suggest, but is an intricate mix of varying styles whilest still retaining that metal essence.

Things get under way with the guitar driver 'Parasite', a real barnstormer of an opener that immediately highlights the great vocal talents of Pete Ahonen, backed up by some fantastic fret work by both Ahonen and Pekka Kolivuori.

The album takes on a more melodic hard rock tone with one of my favourite tracks off the album ‘Heart Of Gold’.  This is a slow burner of a track that gently unfolds into a flurry of guitar, bass and keyboards, with Ahonen giving a spellbinding vocal performance throughout.

The album mixes some fantastic guitar work by Ahonen and Kolivuori with some great keyboards from Jussi Ontero, with an almost Powermetal feel to them, none more so than on the wonderful ‘Dawn Of The Ancient War’.

The band shows their heavier side with pounding metal assault of ‘Hell Awaits’ before switching things again and returning to the more hard rock side with the almost ballad like ‘From The Beginning of It All’.

Another one of those Powermetal style tracks is the massive ‘Icebound’, a great track where once again it’s the might of Ahonen’s vocals that really shine and mixed with some great keyboard and guitar sections, all go to make this a real monster of a track.

The tempo is picked up once more with the rampaging kick drum and guitar fest that is ‘Deceiver’ and the highly charged offering ‘To Hell And Back’.  These two fast paced rockers are split by another great metal track ‘Eye For An Eye’.

But the all out tracks on the album for me has to be the excellent metal masterpieces ‘Against The Madness of Time’, and the album closer and title track ‘Burned Down The Enemy’, both tracks are simply fantastic and round off what has to be the bands finest hour.


1. Parasite
2. Heart Of Gold
3. Dawn Of The Ancient War
4. Hell Awaits
5. From The Beginning Of It All 
6. Icebound
7. Deceiver 
8. Eye For An Eye 
9. To Hell And Back
10. Against The Madness Of Time
11. Burned Down The Enemy



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