Artist:  Burns Blue
   Title: What If...
   Label: Frontiers Records

Burns Blue sees once again the joint talents of Ex-Dare/Ten guitarist Vinnie Burns and former Ultravox/YA YA Sam Blue join forces to showcase their talents. The two of them having worked together on Vinnie’s solo album ‘The Journey’.

After Vinnie’s sudden departure from Ten in 2001, it gave way for Vinnie to follow his heart and create the sort of music that does not revolve around mystical pixies and more things in the real world. The heartfelt promises we make to ourselves, the things that do actually matter in life. Escapism is fine but sometimes it can all get a bit heavy going and it’s good to hear a bit of light hearted good old fashioned fun in the music.

Sure Vinnie could have just asked Sam to guest on another solo album and no one would have thought any different, but the difference with this album is that it really is a partnership between two friends and you can hear the respect they have for each other in the music that they write. I’ve seen them perform some of the songs live at the recent Gods festival and I have to say neither one of them hogged the stage and tried to steal the limelight from the other. Sure Vinnie might be better known on the circuit than Sam, but both men have so much to offer the world of melodic rock and together they are going to do just that.

Also joining them on the album are Pete Jupp (FM) on drums, and Bob Skeat (Wishbone Ash) on bass guitar. The resulting album showing all four talents to the full. With Vinnie and Sam writing together again to produce an album of the highest quality. Sam’s vocals are very reminiscent of Phil Mogg from UFO, perhaps mixed with a little of Dave Meniketti from Y & T.

The album is one of the easiest albums to listen to that is not too harsh on the ears with classic rock riffs on guitar and powerful vocals. This is a far cry from Vinnie’s days in Ten where I think his talents were a little stifled. No disrespect to Ten intended.

The album itself is full of a variety of styles and moods, from the opening track ‘Cool me Down’, gone are any similarities to anything Vinnie has done in the past with Ten. The Phil Mogg resemblance is uncanny, on quite a few tracks but none more so that on ‘I’m gonna Win’ and the more down tempo ‘Crazy’.

Altogether ‘What If’ is a great package of songs and melodies that any classic rock album would be proud to have on it. 53 minutes of pure pleasure to listen to.


  1. Cool me Down
  2. Straight
  3. Deadly Sin
  4. Don’t wanna Know
  5. Lover
  6. Game
  7. I’m gonna Win
  8. Crazy
  9. She Wrote
 10. Tomorrow never Comes
 11. To one Side
 12. Hung out to Dry
 13. Where are you Now


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