Artist:  Stan Bush
   Title: Language Of The Heart

The darling of the west coast AOR brigade returns with his first release in eons and the first thing you notice is there is no photography on the sleeve, could he of the boyish good looks be getting old

There are no surprises here, usual laid back style of baby I love you tunes which Stanley Boy does so well. Joined on the songwriting and production front by long time cohort Curt Cuomo and on guitar by Don Kirkpatrick this should appeal to all lovers of AOR as Stan touches all the right buttons and makes all the right noises.

Every song here could be the last song of the night at any rock night for the old smoocheroonie before you head on home. Stan will be appearing at The Gods in November and no doubt a lot of this cd will be getting an airing.

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1. Waht I've Got Is Real
2. Never Stop Writing This Song
3.Like I've Never Lived
4. Little Thing
5.Some Things Never Change
6. Language of the Heart
7. Don't Let Them Down
8. Love Someone
9. Don't Tell Me

10. Lonely Wont Leave Me Alone



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