Artist:  Cactus
   Title: V
   Label: Escapi Music 

After some 30 years Cactus make a return with original members Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert, Jim McCarty, but with original singer Rusty Day no longer with us, Savoy Brown vocalist Jimmy Kunes takes over the vocal duties on this new release.

The band were once hailed as the American Led Zeppelin when the band first arrived on the scene back in the late 70’s.  The band released four albums in that decade and after 30 years the band have decided to bring that classic 70’s blues sound out of the ashes and bring it slap bang up to date.

The album opens up with ‘Doing Time’, a prime example of the blues undertone rock that made the band famous all those years ago, this continues on throughout the album.

The next track ‘Muscle And Soul’ highlights exactly why the band were penned as the American Led Zep, with this one track that sways between the blues and rock with little effort.  Overall a quite outstanding track.

The tempo is picked up a notch with ‘Cactus Music’, a real foot tapper of a track with the clear-cut riffs of McCarty shining through on this one.  The same crystal clear guitar riffs are once again present on the next track ‘The Groover’, another bluesy track this time with some excellent harmonica from Randy Pratt giving that blues edge to the track.

The band bring back that 70’s sound kicking and screaming up to date with ‘Hi In The City’, yet another track where the guitar of McCarty really shines through and Appice just continues to do what Appice does best.

The downtrodden blues theme is a constant on the album and another example of this is the excellent ‘Nite To Days’.  If you love the blues then your going to love this one.

My favourite track off the album has to be the rocker ‘Livin’ For Today’, which is a little cracker of a number.

The whole Zeppelin thing is touched upon on this album a couple of time with the likes of ‘Shine’ and ‘Blame/Game’, both prime examples of this, but it’s the blues that has always been the backbone of the true Cactus sound.  ‘Blues For Mr Day’ is both a tribute to the bands former vocalist and the bands deep rooted love for the blues.

If you like me like a touch of the blues now and again this is great album to chill out to and let the worries of the world pass you by.


1. Doing Time
2. Muscle and Soul
3. Cactus Music
4. The Groover
5. Hi In The City
6. Nite To Days
7. Livin' For Today
8. Shine
9. Electric Blue
10. Brothers Keeper
11. Blues For Mr Day
12. Blame/Game
13. Gone Train Gone
14. Jazzed



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